Crazy TF2 Soldier Frag Movie

Skip past the lengthy 63 second intro and you have a frag movie full of rocket jumps and what appears to be commonly called “airshots” in the world of Team Fortress 2. Insane stuff.

Oh yeah, really good use of the replay feature mixing first person clips with external camera clips.

8 thoughts on “Crazy TF2 Soldier Frag Movie

    1. I’m pretty sure rocket jumps are part of the game, although I haven’t tried them yet. Last time I tried one was probably in Quake. Going back a little bit there …

  1. Is your game as quick as that when you play? It’s a lot slower when I’m playing…. Anyhoo, yup Quake/Halo rocket jumps – didn’t even think of trying those. However, how does he manage to be so fast at shooting those guys in the air? OMG HAX!

    1. It’s not quite as hectic as that but it depends on what class I play. The Heavy you were playing lumbers along. The engineer is faster and there’s another class, I think it’s scout, that zooms around. Rocket jumps probably account for a lot of his speed too!

      I have no idea how he manages that! Amazing aim or I suspect some of those scenes were set up in advance.

      I found this useful settings page on the new users forum. Next time I boot the game up I’m messing with those.

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