First go playing TF2 online!

So, after playing against bots for a few days I joined a Team Fortress 2 server this evening with David and we had a pretty good time! First David joined an empty payload server escorting a train to the other side of the map. Good clean fragging fun there, especially […]


Learn to play Team Fortress 2

I don’t know if many other games have a new users/training section to their forum like the one for Team Fortress 2 does but they should! Maybe it’s a sign that the game has a lot to offer and a learning curve? Having just watched two of the videos linked […]


Why if Team Fortress 2 gets video recording…

Why, if Team Fortress 2 gets video recording can the combined might of DICE and EA not do the same for Bad Company 2? I am really impressed with the level of support Valve give some of their games. TF2, L4D2, CSS and other games continue to get updates years […]


10 of the best multiplayer experiences

I just spotted a two page feature in GamesTM listing their top 10 multiplayer games: Mario Kart Bomberman Street Fighter Halo Micro Machines Battlefield Worms Pac-man Vs Team Fortress 2 Starcraft What? No Modern Warfare 2? Surely they jest!! OMG WTF! Anyway, the list above reminded me I had the […]

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