Burning rubbish poisons us

What would you do if your neighbour was burning rubbish in their fireplace and the smoke and ash from it was being blown into your house? That’s what I want to know in today’s post on inphotos.org

I really want to know what you would do. If it’s happened to you, did it have a happy ending?

4 thoughts on “Burning rubbish poisons us

  1. We had an incident of this about two years ago. We actually thought it was a chimney fire of one of our old neighbors. We called the Fire Brigade and they came quite quickly. It was quite worrying for a while as they could not break down the door. Eventually a scared old man opened the door, dazed and worried. He thought he was being robbed and had called the gardai, whom luckily told him that it was the Fire Brigade outside his house.

    Anyhow it turned out he was very confused about the bin charges and could not afford them (even though I think he is exempt from them). He however had to pay the fire brigade call out charge. This gets quite expensive.

    The problem is at the end of the day a lack of education and convincing people to change their habits. I remember as a kid lighting massive fires in our garden burning all sorts of junk. Not so bad as we live in a isolated spot, well not anymore. Nowdays we would not dream of burning anything. It’s either recycled or dumped (legally), and most of our neighbors do the same.

    The last thing is to go the legal route, not only because it is expensive, but with neighbours, it is a pain in the ass to live with when complete.

    Best thin is to get a cam corder and video any illegal burning, then confront them but in a nice manner. Tell them that if they have too much things to get rid of, offer to take some of them and help them to dispose of them legally. yes its a pain on you but its killing them with kindness instead of litigation (its cheaper too). Also if there is soot coming out of there, they need the chimney cleaned and maybe also have a hot enough fire if they are going to burn stuff. Sorry bout the long comment

  2. Yippee! After a glorious day spent in the country with my cousins, walking down deserted lanes, breathing in the lovely clear air of West Cork we came home to the same neighbour burning rubbish again. My wife Jacinta has gone down to someone in the residents association to talk about it. Grrr.

  3. i thaught that the stalinist regime was part of communist russia not republic of ireland where we are now at . its all down to our local authorities and their methods of using neighbours to squeal on each other creating the climate for “the limerick syndrome” where neighbours start to kill each other same idiots will have you wash out an empty bean tin with precious water when the bean tin is to be melted down.ps large incinerators are just bigger fire places than yours that burn your rubbish that you paid them to burn

  4. My neighbors have been burning their daily household trash, including plastic milk cartons, meat packaging and everything. As we live in the country and our property is located in the valley, the smoke would waft down through the valley and into our home. We asked them for 2 months to please stop burning their trash, to which their response was “FU”. So, I called the environmental board, they got hit with a $500 fine and still continue to burn.

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