The other Sasben

This is what The Real Sasben sounds like.

And this is what that dirty imposter Sasben sounds like. Bah! How low will they stoop!


Hupit Gaming Announced

Geoff announced Hupit Gaming in his latest video. I’d swear I remember him talking about that before but Colin reminded me of it this morning so I registered.

At the end of this video Geoff gives a run down of how different parts of the site work. It has a very neat sharing gamertag section where you can search for other players to play with.

I feel old now because I appear to be the oldest BC2 player in Europe on the site. Oh dear. Look for either my XBL or PSN username or simply the username “donncha” to see my gamer profile.

Gaming meets social media! Well done to Geoff and WoodysGamertag for spotting a niche in the gaming world and creating a valuable website.

Now, some suggestions and bugs I found:

  • Make “public” profiles so that non logged in users can see basic details about a user. The user should be able to control what details are visible.
  • The registration form implies that my DOB is visible, when only my age is. Worth clarifying.
  • I can’t find a link to my profile with the user id in the url. All I get is this url which points at the logged in user’s profile.
  • When using the gamertag search facility the age criteria resets back to the default.
  • Would it be possible to create an RSS feed from a search? As it would have to be public only the most basic details should be shown.

In Bad Company 2 swap classes with your …

In Bad Company 2 swap classes with your medic if he dies so you can revive him! Thanks Geoff for the tip, and David for the pointer to the video!

Today is Paddy’s Day (Not Patty’s Day!), it’d be great to have a game where everyone ran around as leprechauns today wouldn’t it? 🙂