Tracer darts are a lot faster in Bad Com…

Tracer darts are a lot faster in Bad Company 2 post-patch so if you’re flying a helicopter make sure you have smoke to disable any tracer. Seems to be some concern that smoke in the PC version doesn’t work unfortunately. There’s also flares. This tutorial suggests,

The Blackhawk has anti missile flares that can be deployed by using RB if you have V ALT WEP equiped. This greatly increases its survivability because it makes it nearly impossible to hit with missiles if you spam your flares.

Geoff demonstrates removing tracers from a heli with smoke.

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    1. Stick with the machine gun on the tank. Smoke’s really only any use on the helicopters. Tanks are easy targets for engineers as they are quite slow to move so your only real defense is to hose them down with the .50.

  1. Even if the tracer dart hadn’t got a speed upgrade we probably would see a lot more people using it. Just like in MW2 where air support doesn’t last anywhere near as long as it used to. Someone’s always got an air class equipped!

    Have you tried it yet on helicopters?

    1. I’ve used smoke in the helicopter. I wasn’t traced, I just pressed the wrong button. It makes a cool noise though. It’s important to remember that even when running smoke a decent shot will still shoot you down.

      1. But I only know one person who’s a decent shot against helicopters. Hopefully I’ll be playing on the same team as him 😉

      2. There is…… another. I forget his name though. I was gunner on Geoff’s Blackhawk (shortly after the tip video went up) on Isla Inocentes and we got tracered. Geoff deployed the smoke, we made another orbit and got shot down. The same guy was a beast with the Carl G all through the game.

  2. Ah I didn’t even know that smoke disabled tracers. I just tried my best to dodge anything that was thrown at me after being traced.

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