BFBC2 – Taking out choppers montage

Geoff received quite a rude message from someone so he compiled the following montage of helicopter kills. I just love the soundtrack! More Amiga music please! David was playing during the first montage, nice to see his gamertag on Geoff’s squad! Let’s hope Geoff never thinks like these guys! 😉


Congrats to Geoff for winning the March …

Congrats to Geoff for winning the March Madness competition! Great Modern Warfare 2 video too. I sprint around corners too much. Always in a hurry to get killed, is me. PS. check out my first post on the new games blog by myself and guys from work.


Squad deathmatch on White Pass in Battle…

Squad deathmatch on White Pass in Battlefield Bad Company 2 by Sasbenjr. As usual another informative and entertaining video by Geoff. I learn something new from each of his videos. Longer range health packs are the business! 🙂


Sasbenjr uploaded 2 excellent videos fro…

Sasbenjr uploaded 2 excellent videos from Bad Company 2, rush on Arica Harbor. Great teamplay by him and his squad. I really have to try the recon class sometime. I like the flash forward he uses. These games go on much longer than a Youtube video so little bits have […]

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