I can circle strafe

How long is Bad Company 2 out? March last year isn’t it? Well, Gavin said he learned how to circle strafe the AH-64 and I decided to learn how too. With help from Geoff’s video above I figured it out.

Basically, point at where you want to circle around, press right on the left stick which will strafe to the right. Then with the right stick push left and up-down adjusting the nose to keep it centered on the target. The effect of pushing the right stick adjusts the rotar at the back of the helicopter, thus turning it. (I think that’s right, I need to spend more time in Onslaught perfecting it.)

Oh, full throttle the whole time too!

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Have you used it in a live battle yet? It becomes very addictive once you start getting better at it. I’ve been playing Heavy Metal like crazy which I find to be the best map due to its size. I need to now scratch up on my dog fighting skills with other heli’s.

Also, I’m finding its easier to fly on the xbox than the PS3, the controller just seems to be perfect for it yet its the opposite for me when being a foot solider.

I haven’t yet. As soon as I figured it out I went downstairs to watch the rest of RAW that we had watched the previous night. Might try tonight but I’ll need 10 minutes of practice first in Onslaught. I found I could manoeuvre the helicopter a lot better once I had spent that time learning to circle strafe!

oh yes, I was that guy tonight. I really feel sorry for the defenders, but then it was a forgone conclusion once I robbed their helicopter, and there was only 4 on the other team until near the end of the game.

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