Freezing problems in Medal of Honor Beta

If you haven’t played Medal of Honor yet you may have seen people mention how easy it is to cause the beta to freeze your PS3, requiring a reboot of the machine. I wonder if this is why the Xbox version is delayed a week?

Anyway, Geoff has the beta, and created MoHbeta2010, a new channel where he’ll be posting videos from the beta. The one above is easily the most informative of the videos I’ve seen today. He talks about guns, hit damage, the super powerful tank, and “hit streaks”. And of course how to freeze the beta too.

One freeze is triggered by getting 40 points through gun kills. Shoot 3 or 4 people without dying and your machine will freeze up! Crazy isn’t it?

0 thoughts on “Freezing problems in Medal of Honor Beta

  1. I no everytime i get so many kill streaks my ps3 frezzes , you think they woulda noticed this be4 they even put the beta out?? did they even test it there selfs? they need to fix this soon, i cant keep restarted my PS3 i dont think its very good for the system. can someone please msg me when they fix this???

    1. The only reason I can think of for them missing this bug was that they’re all such good players they killed each other before they reached a killstreak!

      Either that, or someone made a tiny change just before release and it wasn’t play tested enough. I think that’s more likely.

    2. Yeah same here i got a 21 kill streak and froze when i was about to get 2 more kills..
      also started a game with 6-0 with everybody in the game with 1 or 2 kills; i froze about every time I got first on the scoreboard :/ pisses me off I’ve only leveled once >:l

    1. From what I’ve heard you can’t talk to your friends in the game, or even join a game with friends as that’s broken unfortunately 🙁

  2. From all the times it’s frozen for me so far, it seems like getting a killstreak too fast is the problem.
    I can get 5 or more kills slowly, but if I get 2 or more one right after another it freezes

    1. I actually managed to get up to a 10 kill streak by letting the points on the screen from a kill disappear before I kill the next, the killstreak only ended ’cause I accidentily killed 2 too quickly
      Ofcourse every time I managed to get over the 30/40 freeze is by getting to 30 then get a 15+ pt kill

  3. i noticed my lil point counter thing jump from like 65 to 108 in seconds and my shit totally froze up

    and you can talk to ppl as long as you have the same viop setting. i had mine on friends and a buddy of mine had team. he could hear me but i couldnt hear him. changed mine to team and it started workin fine

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