Hacked Modern Warfare 2 lobbies on PS3

Well, this sucks.

David stumbled into a hacked MW2 lobby on Playstation 3, not Xbox 360. When I first saw it I thought it might be connected to the recently announced discovery of the PS3 root keys. But I was giving the script kiddies too much credit. Even with the keys they wouldn’t have a clue what to do with them. They’ll have to wait until the smart kids write the tools that take advantage of the situation.

Meanwhile, I went searching for bushigans devils lobby v3 and found this video from October, well before any keys were discovered…

Silly, stupid cheaters.

16 thoughts on “Hacked Modern Warfare 2 lobbies on PS3

  1. I am curious what caused this to explode all of a sudden. You show that it seems to have nothing to do with the recent hacking of the PS3 so I wonder what happened. Maybe these mods just recently became widely available on forums and so now every idiot has access to it.

    1. Sheer weight of numbers perhaps? Or else someone used the usb stick hack to get control of their machine, and the hack “infected” other hosts like I’ve heard it does on Xbox.

      The scary thing is, that means that MW2 hosts share executable code, or at the very least there’s a unfixed buffer overflow the hackers take advantage of to run unauthorised code on unsuspecting machines… A buffer overflow that hasn’t been patched in months. You’d have the security forums up in arms if that was the case with non-gaming software.

    1. Actually, it occurred to me later that IW are probably wrong and are redirecting the blame. The video I posted above was made in October, and the keys discovered by Fail0ver haven’t been released, only some tools AFAIK. The hackers could have used the USB hack but that doesn’t explain how they get online now since the firmware upgrade that fixed that bug …

    2. I was thinking about this a little more too and came to same conclusion, IW is likely just using the PS3 security breach as a scapegoat. When MW2 was getting hacked to pieces on the jtagged xboxes IW did take some steps to try to stop it, so placing the blame just on the console doesn’t even make sense based upon their past history.

      The other issue is that since IW basically fell apart last year its likely that most of the programmers from COD4 and MW2 are no longer with IW. So all their current programmers would be working with someone else’s code and trying to understand it and patch in a solution while not breaking something else. This is certainly a crappy situation for IW but you would think when you are making a billion dollars a game you could afford the expense of continuing to support the game long after release.

      1. Just saw this on the MW2 subreddit. Author claims it’s Sony’s fault because they’re brand new hacks that take advantage of the PS3 security hacks and that it will take a long time to fix. I suspect his assertion that it’ll take a long time to fix is his opinion only.

        Very interesting comments though and explains David’s video. He was made host by the hackers I think.

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