Good Riddance Modern Warfare 2

I said goodbye to Modern Warfare 2 more than 6 months ago when Bad Company 2 came out but lots of Call of Duty fans still play it to this day. Tomorrow, not so much.

That great singing voice is Colin and the link is via him too. Great job!

0 thoughts on “Good Riddance Modern Warfare 2

  1. Being an xbox noob MW2 was my first game and I guess I will always have a ‘special place’ in my heart for it…ahhhhhhhhh thats nice but like you I stopped playing it…. probably 4 months ago.

    I think all the auto aims and other cheats, plus me not being any good and of course the now well documented ping/lag issues I encountered ruined it.

    Still undecided on Black Ops maybe santa can bring it to me but the problem is with Cataclysm coming out 7th Dec will I get much time to play?

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