So basically, the person at the top of t…

So basically, the person at the top of the scoreboard is the person who’s played their class the most effectively. They’re the guys who healed the most teammates, or blew up the most enemy tanks, or kept the front line supplied with ammo. Basically, they’re not the people who are best with their guns, but the people best at helping their friends. And that’s an important dynamic.

From the Rock Paper Shotgun review of Battlefield Bad Company 2.


Some Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2 …

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Woah, couple of good games of Bad Compan…

Woah, couple of good games of Bad Company 2 there. And someone actually had their mic on. Thanks Lars for all the revives. Definitely great to hear your squad mate.

I played as medic too as the first game was defense and after that I wanted to unlock the defibrillator (spell that without a spell checker!) but our squad had one sniper who at one stage was the only surviving member of our team so Lars and I spawned on him running until I realised he was running the wrong way! Cursing we started running towards the bombs and a good 20 seconds later entered the fray. First I got shot, then I heard Lars confirm his death too. Oops.

Our sniper was still sniping from miles away though. By the island on Isla whatever-it-it’s-called when we had moved up to the last target. Maybe he was doing some good but I doubt it and forgot to check his score. *grrr*

Unfortunately we lost but it was a blast. It’s strange the camaraderie created from a shared experience online with total strangers.


I’m not sure yet if I’ll buy the Moder…

I’m not sure yet if I’ll buy the Modern Warfare 2 maps due on the 30th, but actually I don’t think 1200 MS points (or about €14) is excessive for 5 more maps, even if 2 are rehashed from a previous game. I never played them in their previous incarnation anyway.

I’ll wait until the reviews are in however before parting with my hard earned credits but really, put things in perspective. I’ll spend about 7 Euro on a magazine that I’ll read over the course of a week or two and then dump in the corner with the rest of them. A paperback can cost from €8 to €12 and be read in bursts over about the same time. Or even €4.90 for an occasional pint.
If my past 4 months experience of game playing are anything to go by, I’ll get a lot more use out of a map pack than any magazine or most other entertainment purchases I’ll make.

I have to admit I’m looking forward to the free DLC for Bad Company 2, even if it’s just new modes for existing maps…


Parachute safely to the ground in Bad Co…

Parachute safely to the ground in Bad Company 2 by double tapping X “until you feel a jolt” apparently.

Wish I’d known that last night. I fell to my death from the helicopter when I thought the parachute would automatically open! -10 points for a suicide and an “EPIC FAIL”.

Oh, and as an engineer or medic or assault class, if you’re wondering where your fixing tool, health box or ammo box is you have to unlock them. They don’t take long to unlock however. 🙂


More BfBC2 Rush this evening and my KDR …

More BfBC2 Rush this evening and my KDR is 0.75 with 153 kills to 205 deaths. I swear, in the last game for a few rounds my team didn’t know how to arm the bomb. I saw one guy hovering around the bus with the bomb on one level, just itching for kills, not bombs.

Seems they forget rush is an objective based game.

I still haven’t heard anyone use the mic on this game.


Note to self: in BfBC2 Rush try not to e…

Note to self: in BfBC2 Rush try not to end up in a squad of snipers. I swear, the guys hung back the whole time. They racked up the scores but it would have been nice to have some support out there when you’re the lone assault guy!

Note 2: when you’ve only got 5 or 6 tickets left, don’t drive a lightly armoured car with 2 passengers into the range of a tank. It’s bad for your team. And I bet that team mate of mine wishes he walked… Ooops.

Still, despite that, enjoyable games, even if I did do a bit much of the lone wolf MW2 gameplay. Flanked a few guys nicely though.

I just know I’m going to get annoyed at writing BfBC2.


Had a relatively good game of Bad Compan…

Had a relatively good game of Bad Company 2 this evening. I played Rush and managed 12 for 17 deaths, over almost an hour. I know, not many at all but BfBC2 is a whole different game to Modern Warfare 2.

I did unlock the ammo box in the assault class. Makes the noob tube that bit more useful. Splash damage from it doesn’t appear to be as powerful as in MW2 but that’s probably a good thing.

I actually hooked up the mic on my headphones but I didn’t hear anyone else, even when I was wandering around with no ammo asking for an ammo box. Thankfully the medics in my squad were more than able for the challenge of playing with me. 🙂


Engineer Ownage on Bad Company 2

Spiderbite of NextGenTactics shows off some “engineer class ownage” on Battlefield Bad Company 2. Love the last bit with the helicopter crashing!


Wow, BfBC2 multiplayer is hard. My K/D i…

Wow, BfBC2 multiplayer is hard. My K/D is 0.27. I’m cannon fodder. *sob*