Had a relatively good game of Bad Compan…

Had a relatively good game of Bad Company 2 this evening. I played Rush and managed 12 for 17 deaths, over almost an hour. I know, not many at all but BfBC2 is a whole different game to Modern Warfare 2.

I did unlock the ammo box in the assault class. Makes the noob tube that bit more useful. Splash damage from it doesn’t appear to be as powerful as in MW2 but that’s probably a good thing.

I actually hooked up the mic on my headphones but I didn’t hear anyone else, even when I was wandering around with no ammo asking for an ammo box. Thankfully the medics in my squad were more than able for the challenge of playing with me. 🙂

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  1. Ah, didn’t know that!

    I think I like rush. Manageable game lengths though *nobody* uses a mic which is odd for a game with such strong teamwork required.

    Had a few games, they’re less intense than MW2 but it’s growing on me. Slowly. Just don’t play Panama. It’s riddled with buildings and rubble where snipers attack from! Argh! Or maybe that’s just my first game.

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