Woah, couple of good games of Bad Compan…

Woah, couple of good games of Bad Company 2 there. And someone actually had their mic on. Thanks Lars for all the revives. Definitely great to hear your squad mate.

I played as medic too as the first game was defense and after that I wanted to unlock the defibrillator (spell that without a spell checker!) but our squad had one sniper who at one stage was the only surviving member of our team so Lars and I spawned on him running until I realised he was running the wrong way! Cursing we started running towards the bombs and a good 20 seconds later entered the fray. First I got shot, then I heard Lars confirm his death too. Oops.

Our sniper was still sniping from miles away though. By the island on Isla whatever-it-it’s-called when we had moved up to the last target. Maybe he was doing some good but I doubt it and forgot to check his score. *grrr*

Unfortunately we lost but it was a blast. It’s strange the camaraderie created from a shared experience online with total strangers.

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