More rocking games of rush in Bad Compan…

More rocking games of rush in Bad Company 2 with Eddie. A very vocal French guy and another guy without a mic joined us for the last game and boy was it the best ever. I got a “best player” pin and we got a “best squad” pin after that. A highlight was flanking the dumb sniper who shot me and stabbing him in the back. Hehe.

Some earlier games were frustrating though as some players on our team were more interested in their KDR than defusing the bombs! I literally ran past someone near the bomb and was too late to defuse it.

The last round

The Last Round

BfBC2 Stats

Bad Company 2 Stats

Gold Squad Pin

Gold Squad Pin. In a round be a part of the best squad.
Find yourself a good squad (best to do with friends) and play together and well.

Ace Pin

Ace Pin. In a round be the best player.
Get the most points in a game. Whichever class you are good at – play it and play it well. (via)


Parachute safely to the ground in Bad Co…

Parachute safely to the ground in Bad Company 2 by double tapping X “until you feel a jolt” apparently.

Wish I’d known that last night. I fell to my death from the helicopter when I thought the parachute would automatically open! -10 points for a suicide and an “EPIC FAIL”.

Oh, and as an engineer or medic or assault class, if you’re wondering where your fixing tool, health box or ammo box is you have to unlock them. They don’t take long to unlock however. 🙂


Note to self: in BfBC2 Rush try not to e…

Note to self: in BfBC2 Rush try not to end up in a squad of snipers. I swear, the guys hung back the whole time. They racked up the scores but it would have been nice to have some support out there when you’re the lone assault guy!

Note 2: when you’ve only got 5 or 6 tickets left, don’t drive a lightly armoured car with 2 passengers into the range of a tank. It’s bad for your team. And I bet that team mate of mine wishes he walked… Ooops.

Still, despite that, enjoyable games, even if I did do a bit much of the lone wolf MW2 gameplay. Flanked a few guys nicely though.

I just know I’m going to get annoyed at writing BfBC2.


Engineer Ownage on Bad Company 2

Spiderbite of NextGenTactics shows off some “engineer class ownage” on Battlefield Bad Company 2. Love the last bit with the helicopter crashing!


“The story is online with others, not s…

“The story is online with others, not single player.”

Above I’m paraphrasing something I read a while back but the truth of it was brought home to me after playing BfBC2 for a few hours last night after 3 games of Modern Warfare 2.

This morning as I thought back to the previous night’s gameplay my first thoughts were of multiplayer action in MW2. I recalled the camping enemy soldier I knifed on Highrise, and then when the minimap exposed the sniper on the roof of the hut I stood next to, I climbed up, stood over him for a moment and *slash*. I wish I recorded that game as the final kill was a jumping shot I somehow pulled off.

BfBC2? The single player game was hectic, it was fun but ultimately not as satisfying. I’ll still play through to the finish of course, but I’m really looking forward to the online play.


Gaming TODO list: Finish Bad Company 1. …

Gaming TODO list:

  1. Finish Bad Company 1. I’m almost near the end, but I kept dying in the village where you have to destroy the two bridges.
  2. Play Portal as the sequal has been announced. I have the Orange Box, and despite being a huge Half Life fan back in the day I played about an hour of HL2 before getting bored of it. I never even go to Portal.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Review

The Guardian Technology Games Blog reviewed Battlefield Bad Company 2 a few hours ago. The review is in my feedreader but not on the site. Odd.

Anyway, they gave it the thumbs up with a score of 4/5.

Compared to Modern Warfare 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has skulked into the fray well below the radar, but committed fans of military first-person shooters will find it in no way inferior gameplay-wise. If you see yourself as a true, hardcore gamer, you’ll be needing a copy.

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