I’m not sure yet if I’ll buy the Moder…

I’m not sure yet if I’ll buy the Modern Warfare 2 maps due on the 30th, but actually I don’t think 1200 MS points (or about €14) is excessive for 5 more maps, even if 2 are rehashed from a previous game. I never played them in their previous incarnation anyway.

I’ll wait until the reviews are in however before parting with my hard earned credits but really, put things in perspective. I’ll spend about 7 Euro on a magazine that I’ll read over the course of a week or two and then dump in the corner with the rest of them. A paperback can cost from €8 to €12 and be read in bursts over about the same time. Or even €4.90 for an occasional pint.
If my past 4 months experience of game playing are anything to go by, I’ll get a lot more use out of a map pack than any magazine or most other entertainment purchases I’ll make.

I have to admit I’m looking forward to the free DLC for Bad Company 2, even if it’s just new modes for existing maps…