Note to self: in BfBC2 Rush try not to e…

Note to self: in BfBC2 Rush try not to end up in a squad of snipers. I swear, the guys hung back the whole time. They racked up the scores but it would have been nice to have some support out there when you’re the lone assault guy!

Note 2: when you’ve only got 5 or 6 tickets left, don’t drive a lightly armoured car with 2 passengers into the range of a tank. It’s bad for your team. And I bet that team mate of mine wishes he walked… Ooops.

Still, despite that, enjoyable games, even if I did do a bit much of the lone wolf MW2 gameplay. Flanked a few guys nicely though.

I just know I’m going to get annoyed at writing BfBC2.

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