On a day like this…

Why sit inside on a lovely day like this?

Church Bay this evening. It’s low tide and those fishermen weren’t catching anything. Would you need an excuse to stand on the rocks flinging a lead weight into the water? I thought not!

Houses near Roches Point Lighthouse.

Ruby, a beautiful Springer Spaniel kept us entertained in Bunny Connellans while we enjoyed a drink. She’s gorgeous, I want a dog!

Old shop window at Myrtleville Beach. Closed now, and those stickers are ancient!

CSS drop shadows via A List Apart!

5 thoughts on “On a day like this…

  1. Did you use a filter to get the sky so deep blue or was it a Gimp job? Took delivery of a polarizing filter yesterday, got any tips?

  2. Fuzz – yeah, the bottom image is saturated, but the lovely sunset behind me (I ducked down behind a wall so my shadow wouldn’t show) was a lovely orange too!
    Peter – yup, I used a circle polarizer. It works best when you’re facing 90 degrees from the sun, but this was taken with the sun at my back. Your polarizer should have a ring that twists independently of the part that screws onto the lens. Twist it around and you’ll notice the sky get darker. Water reflections will be less pronounced too.
    They’re great filters to have, and I’ll have to buy a new one for my new Sigma 18-200 lens.. I’m expecting it any day now!

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