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Need backlinks?

Build High PR Backlinks On Demand Free PDF Reveals All. Download Now! Google Adsense Advert spotted on The best Irish horror movie? The Irish dickheads of the year 2007 as picked by Twenty Major. Hard to fault that list. Mind mapping for new blog post ideas. Someone stumbled upon […]


Life after Text Link Ads

Hi, my name is Donncha and I used to have text-link-ads on my blog. They’re gone now but only after Google slapped me into submission and reduced my page rank to 4. Initially I felt angry and shocked that this happened but I have no excuse, I heard it from […]


Google Page Rank won't help you out of the new site sandbox!

My new site, In, is probably still in the Google Sandbox and unfortunately it seems that it’ll be there for another few months! There’s some good advice here on what new site owners can realistically expect from their sites. The mantra remains, Write Good Content and they will come.

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