A new version of Install-Sendm …

A new version of Install-Sendmail which fixes a bug for those of you serving mail to a network. I also did a lot of work on the interface, based on work done by Morten Bo Johansen. There’s also a Danish translation created by Morten as well. His work is based on the last release but I’ve fixed the bug in it to bump it up to the current release version.
Want Install-Sendmail to have a GUI? Vote down below for your favourite toolkit, Gtk/KDE/TclTk/Curses.
Did anyone manage to compile the LameOver Linux Demo Project? I tried, even installed mikmod, but to no avail. I didn’t try too hard though. Not enough time..
Download Install-Sendmail-4.5.tar.gz
Download Install-Sendmail-dansk-4.5.tar.gz

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