Zardoz – Sean Connery in red speedos

Did I forget the knee high boots? Offthemeatrack resurrects this unusual 1974 film. I think I saw a few minutes of it on tv a few years ago. Just goes to show what an impression it made.
Warning, don’t click the link unless you want the Sean Connery as James Bond image to be ruined for you ..

  • How to price prints? Paul Butzi considers this question, and again. I’ve been asked by two people about prints from as Christmas presents so this is on my mind. Must get back to them this evening ..
  • Gordon took a great self portrait of himself.
  • 88mileshome says nice things about one of my photos. Thanks!
  • Funny Islam via referrers.
  • Thank you Richard Best of InsideoutLegal who kindly donated his blog for a project I’m working on!


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