Some crazy games of Bad Company 2 last n…

Some crazy games of Bad Company 2 last night. We won 4 and lost 2 rounds. It was late at night and the games were sometimes quite empty. One game we were attacking only had 2, then 1 enemy defending. Needless to say we won that one. In the next round we were defending and this one player was joined by a pretty good team who put up a good fight and eventually won.
Unfortunately the rest of our team left except for our squad so it was tough.

Poor Mike. If Dave‘s latest video is anything to go by, he doesn’t have much luck when he gets into a Hind with either of us.

On Port Valdez he got in the Hind after I said I’d drive, err fly. We zoomed into the air and off to shoot some enemy butt. Unfortunately we failed miserably. We got hit a few times, aircraft health plummeted to 27 points and I did a mad turn about, screeching through a tight circle and headed home. We hit the ground by Bravo just as the health hit 1 point and jumped out to fight another day.

Thanks Mike and Conor for some great games. I didn’t do all that well, suffering from a negative KDR for the evening. Still though, my skill level plummeted so I should get an easier game the next time!

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  1. Hahaha, I love it when I get to the end of a game and it tells me that my skill level has dropped through the floor. Although it tends to do that when I think I’ve done quite well! Ironically, the last time it gave me an update, despite losing every game, and going negative too my skill level went up!?

  2. It’s that old “your skill vs their skill”. If your skill is higher than theirs you won’t get many points for killing them but you’ll lose more if they kill you. Win/loss doesn’t matter there methinks. I just sucked last night ‘s all!

    It does mean that I’ll join a game first and invite the rest of you pro players on to my squad! 🙂

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