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Need backlinks?

Build High PR Backlinks On Demand Free PDF Reveals All. Download Now! Google Adsense Advert spotted on The best Irish horror movie? The Irish dickheads of the year 2007 as picked by Twenty Major. Hard to fault that list. Mind mapping for new blog post ideas. Someone stumbled upon […]

Donncha's Links

Donncha's Tuesday Links

Morgan O’Neill showed his impressive portfolio last night at the camera club. His gallery hasn’t been uploaded yet but I’ll be linking to it here when he does. Great stuff. Also, the IPF have released “Photography Ireland 2008”. I bought my copy. I think it will be available in shops […]


Life after Text Link Ads

Hi, my name is Donncha and I used to have text-link-ads on my blog. They’re gone now but only after Google slapped me into submission and reduced my page rank to 4. Initially I felt angry and shocked that this happened but I have no excuse, I heard it from […]


Why you need the Adsense Competitive Ad Filter

While it didn’t invent search-triggered ads, Google figured out a far more efficient way of turning web-users into buyers. Rather than doling out premium space to the highest bidder, as its competitors did, Google used another algorithm to work out how relevant the ad text was to a given query […]


Friends don't let friends see adverts

This post has been a long time in the writing. Ever since I started advertising on my blogs my strategies have been tweaked continuously so consider this post a snapshot description of what I’m doing with Adsense advertising now. This is a long post, but read through it. The plugin […]


My life through Google

A large part of my online income depends on Google Adsense. I filter my email through gmail and since this morning I’m feeding a backup gmail account with a copy of every single email I get. Thanks Matt for that idea. I use Google’s search engine to find solutions to […]


Google just killed the ad click tracking industry

It would appear that Google stopped displaying the “Go to ….” message in the status bar when someone clicked on Adsense adverts. What’s the big deal with this? Unfortunately it means that it’s impossible to track what adverts are being clicked, with the aim of removing low paying or MFA […]


Google Adsense joins the Google collective

Did anyone else get this email from Google Adsense? They’re migrating their Adsense logins to regular Google ones which is a good and bad thing. It’s good because it’s a single sign on for Adsense, Gmail and whatever else you’re having, but it’s bad because Google know so much more […]


My £30 Adwords Temptation

I’m a sucker for vouchers, if they’ll really save me money that is. I generally read the small print just in case I have to “subscribe for 12 months to take advantage of this deal” and it’s a good thing I read the ones attached to this offer from Google. […]


How to accidentally erase your ad filter

When you’re adding sites to the Google Adsense “Competitive Ad Filter” please do not do what I just did. As my filter has the maximum 200 urls I have to delete entries before adding new one, but I had deleted a couple of urls so I thought I’d have space […]

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