Italian Ice cream in Blarney

The first ice cream store in Blarney opened it’s doors for the several weeks ago with a special offer of free ice cream all day but I didn’t stop by there until today.

The store is Il Gelato and it’s around the corner from the main square in Blarney. If you’re in the area, you owe yourself the chance to try out their delicious produce. They offer a range of flavours from the usual vanilla, to chocolate, mint, strawberry and a few other unusual ones. I bought a large tub of chocolate and strawberry. Disappointingly, I thought the tub was quite small and too expensive until I tasted it. It must be the richest and creamiest ice cream I’ve ever tasted! We were after dinner in the Blarney Castle Hotel but I had room for dessert yet I could barely finish the tub!

We all enjoyed our ice cream, and even Adam got a taste of it, despite my earlier protestations that he wouldn’t taste ice cream until he was much older! I’m glad his first taste of ice cream was a good one.

A large tub is €4.80 which seems expensive, but it’s worth it. Delicious!

13 thoughts on “Italian Ice cream in Blarney

  1. I was in Ireland for my brothers wedding last summer, but unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be back for the ice cream this summer. Much as I’d like to. Maybe next year.

  2. tell me,

    is this the best ice cream place in cork..where would one advise to go for the best ice cream of all..cork city I cant find a good place like the standard you are mentioning here!next time in blarney yes I will stop by!

  3. never mind the ice cream you wanta try the pizzas out of valentino’s in Rostrevor the next time your down for fiddlers green best pizzas in Ireland.

    1. your right about the pizzas I tried them & they are the best in the hole of Ireland, Thanks for letting me know I’ll be back for more..

  4. Humm…they look like real Italian ice cream! Their appearance and way of serving made them alike Italian ice cream shops found all over the country.

  5. Hi, I tried Valentino’s in Rostrevor was on holidays there they have two shops a fish & chip shop + a pizzeria & the food out of both these places is WOW, WOW, out of this world the best around. so everyboby out there you want to try these they are the best..

    1. saw your reply about Valentinos, you are right, WOW, WOW, WOW,the BEST FISH & CHIPS I’VE TASTED in along long time, thanks for letting me know about this great, great place..

  6. your right about that place Valentinos in Rostrevor, was in the fish & chip shop tonight & they cook everything fresh to order (he dips the fish fillet in the batter etc)but the best bit is they cook the fish & Chips to perfection!. I’m going to try the pizza place tomorrow, came down for the fiddlers green festival.

  7. Valentino’s
    Valentino’s is one of the busiest fish & chip places in Northern Ireland, it’s based in Rostrevor, Co. Down, & is probably the perfect place to go if you’re after delicious fish and chips and will not disappoint if you’re tummy is rumbling and you fancy a fishy treat. This award winning shop really has to be visited if you’re exploring the area and after travelling along the majestic beauty of the south Down coast, a visit to the Valentino’s is highly recommended & the best is they have two shops so if you don’t fancy fish & chips try the pizza it’s the best Italian pizza anywhere around.

  8. Valentino’s may well be the jewel in Co. Down’s crown and it’s no wonder, it’s the perfect place to go if you’re after delicious fish and chips and it will not disappoint you if your wee tummy is rumbling and you fancy a fishy treat. This fish & chip shop, is in the most beautiful seaside village of Rostrevor, this village has it all the best fish & chip shop & the best pizzeria plus it’s got the most wonderful scenery and best bit of all it’s the home of
    { valentino’s Northern Ireland’s most famous fish and chip shops.}
    So after walking the along the shore front or in the kilbroney forest and taking in the refreshing seaside air, a fish supper from Valentino’s fish & chip shop or a pizza from the other shop is the perfect way to round off your stay in Rostrevor.

  9. If anyone is ever in county armagh there’s a shop called Dolce and Gelato in Portadown, in has the best gelato (it’s authentic) this side of italy! trust me im a regular!

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