I was in a local college today …

I was in a local college today, University College Cork, when I sat down at a PC and turned on the monitor to be greeted by the KDE welcome screen! Turns out they’re using Suse/KDE as a dual boot with NT. There were two girls using KDE in the front row so I couldn’t resist. I asked them how they found Linux and they said they were very impressed, that it was stable, and even easier than Windows to use!
I just wish the college I attended woke up and replaced some of their NT machines. *grrr*
More bugs and side effects fixed in Install-Sendmail. Get the latest version if you’ve had trouble with it.
I got a patch for version 4.2 but that will have to wait ’till the next version. It’s a patch to get things working on a FreeBSD system.
Download Install-Sendmail-4.3.tar.gz

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