Donncha's Saturday Links

A mixed bag, from germs and bugs to splogs and chocolate tasters.

  • Grannymar reminds us germs lurk everywhere. I’m always careful in public toilets, but it never occurred to me how bug-ridden ATMs are!
  • wp-hashcash works pretty well as an anti-comment spam tool. Make sure you have curl installed before installing it. Now, will someone adapt it for use on WordPress MU’s signup form, or maybe even the Write Post form? Might put a dent in the sploggers efforts to ruin our sites.
  • I forgot to mention yesterday, Donal lives here. Well done on the move bro! Great party last night!
  • Amid concerns that WiFi signals cause cancer, threaten the environment or cause nuclear meltdowns, this tshirt should come in useful.
  • An oldie, If architects had to work like programmers… via Barry.
  • The perfect job, taste testing dark chocolate. Conor says it’s to assess it’s value for money! Oh the poor guy.
  • Yahoo comes to Ireland but can they ever beat Google again? Does anyone care?
  • Not Drupal, WordPress MU – using WordPress MU instead of Drupal in a school environment and authenticating against Active Directory. He’s got a few niggling problems still, but it’s looking good. Anyone have other WordPress MU success stories to share?
  • Mark takes me back with this blog post about Wizball including the great soundtrack!

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