Signs that Halloween is tomorrow

eggs at the checkout

Sign reads, “Eggs are at the checkout”. I remember seeing similar signs in other shops in previous years. My car was egged twice on successive years after working late. “Those damn kids!”

By Donncha

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Ha that’s brilliant.

A few years back some scumbags ran out of eggs and started throwing rocks at cars instead. Mine got hit on the roof. I was bloody lucky they didn’t hit my windscreen and they were even luckier that I couldn’t catch them in time.

Eggs do damage cars when thrown, my car at the time was ‘egged’ about 7 or 8 years ago and the shells actually scratched straight through the paint and caused these wonderful fractured circular rust patches to appear, I wish I’d taken photo’s of it now to show you what I mean.

It didn’t really bother me at the time as that car was a bit of a banger but if it happened to my current car I’d be heart broken, That’s the downside to finally getting my grubby mits on a car I really wanted as opposed to something that gets me from A to B.

I know exactly what George means, its like a tiny shark tried to take a bite out of your car. My old car got egged once, I only realised I was hit the next day when I saw dried goo and egg shell stuck to the back of it.

Eggs can be lethal, manys a person at a bus stop has had to be taken to hospital with fractures due to eggs being launched from passenger windows of cars.

Tell me about it. I got egged in Cork on Sunday night, while about to go in to a jazz gig. I must be a softie, because the egg bounced off my back without breaking. Either that, or the ghost of Dizzy Gillespie was looking out for me: his daughter was singing, and it was excellent. 8)

ive always loved throwing eggs at those snotty trick or treaters. Well im a tricker not a treater and they get blasted with eggs!

😥 Mah Dad Got Egged 1c And I Laught At Him Because I Dont Like Him :mrgreen: And I Got Grounded 👿 😎 ❓ 😛 🙁 👿 ❗ 🙂 😳 😀 😮 😯 😎 😕 😆 😡 😈 🙄 😉 💡 ➡ 😐

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