The Season 7 24 Trailer

Just how many bad days can Jack Bauer have?

Mark says “24 has ripped off all four Die Hard movies all at once.” with this trailer and it looks like he’s right. Every season gets bigger and bigger. I can’t wait ’til it starts! The Sky one page doesn’t have any start details, and Sky+ shows it’s not on next Sunday. Waiting, waiting, waiting ..

3 thoughts on “The Season 7 24 Trailer

  1. You have time yet Dun. The first two hours don’t air until the 13th of January in the US. If Sky do what they did with Day 6 they’ll start it within the same week.

    I wonder if they’ll bring James Cromwell back. I don’t care if he was blown up last season the man was a patriot. Well besides the nukes and the nerve gas and the manipulating the president and the selling secrets to China stuff.

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