Early this week it was announc …

Early this week it was announced that the Irish Police force, the Gardai, are to follow a zero tolerance policy with regards to speeding. If you do even 1 mph above the 30 mph speed limit you’ll be fined and receive penalty points. This of course ignores the fact that both speedometers and police radar guns aren’t completely accurate. Owen has more to say on his site.

One thought on “Early this week it was announc …

  1. That is so stupid! What about all the police officers who ‘accidently’ go over 30!! I read about a case where a policeman was going to be charged for going 35mph in a 30 zone, but convienently all the evidence ‘went missing’!!! On the other hand, cutting down on speeding has to be a good thing, but not in such an unfair way.

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