WordPress Multiuser Jan 9th Snapshot

Here’s a major update of WPMU. Go download it now!
New in this snapshot:

  • Use PEAR Function Cache if available. Several plugins have been rewritten so they’ll cache their output to save on databases processing.
  • Main WordPress loop has been cached in a better way. If a page is now cached all we need to do is get a few settings from the database.
  • The last release was plagued by the wp-login feature that redefined the site url if the blog was moved. As all wpmu URLs are virtual this was a big one!
  • Kitten’s Spaminator will now import keywords from the “main” blog to help detect spam in other blogs. (As there’s no registration page yet you’ll have to trust me that it works great!)
  • Previously when comments were posted, regardless of whether they were spam or not, the Smarty cache was cleared. This wrecked any performance gained by caching content so now the cache will be refreshed from the backend.
  • Because of too-vague mod_rewrite rules, posts with titles containing 4 digits failed.
  • Misc bug fixes and WP upgrades.

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