The Irish Army are staying alive in Lebanon

Staying alive, staying alive, Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin alive.

This video is being investigated by Irish Military Police. I heard on the radio this morning that it’s unlikely that prosecutions will follow. Hopefully, because these guys have a great sense of humour! It must be good for morale too, especially in the face of road side bombs and resulting injuries.

Military police are investigating an internet video which appears to show members of the Defence Forces playacting with rifles while on peacekeeping duty in Lebanon last year.

The video, posted on YouTube, shows three soldiers with rifles dismounting from a personnel carrier and proceeding to jive to the Bee Gees song Stayin’ Alive.

I have to admit, the British Army did a great job with “Show me the way to Amarillo” ..

Can the US Army top either of those?

17 thoughts on “The Irish Army are staying alive in Lebanon

  1. These are fantastic, and I haven’t seen the US troops put out anything like this.

    I think we should have a global competition amongst all of the troops from all the countries! Perhaps it would actually close the gap a little between our various beliefs.


  2. That is hilarious and worrisome at the same time. These soldiers seem to have a bit too much time on their hands, and their bases seem like summer camp. I’m sure these videos help boost the morale of the “enemy” too.

  3. a quick note to MIRIAM, you shouldnt be worried at all. If a video shows Irish Soldiers overseas having a good time, you should be delighted. It means theyre safe and have time to relax occasionally. That Lebanon mission (UNIFIL 2) was pretty relaxed anyway. It involved providing security to Finnish Engineers while they did their job. The original Lebanon mission lasted 23 years from 1978 to 2001 and involved Irish troops being shot at on a daily basis and having to shoot back just as much. A lot of brave Irish men lost their lives on that mission.

    As regards the British video, they are based in the most violent country on earth so when they get a chance to make a funny video, fair play to them. It keeps morale up and puts their families at ease.

    Try visiting or go on wikipedia and type in Irish Army.

    1. i don’t know about the Brits but you can get the Irish videos on youtube.they did take them down off youtube at one stage but their back now 🙂 also check out the most recent one from Chad 98Bn christmas video-very funny.all ya need to download these videos is real player(download free from internet)-peace!!!!

  4. hahaha!!! there deadly!!! i no if we got called off there thats wat my section would be doin!!! i cant find the americvan one on you tube but :?? 🙁

  5. i know one of the soldiers in the irish video. it was only meant to be sent home to their wives and partners, and someone leaked it. it was harmless fun, for brave men who were missing home and their loved ones. this should be celebrated and enjoyed not worrying people… soldiers have time off too. they aren’t robots.

  6. I served with the 88th and 89th In lebanon at al ya tung or al you gloom as it was known. This video is excellent and nothing but praise for the lads who made it. I wish I was there with you lads as I miss the Army everyday. Keep making the videos, I have a few funnys from from my two trips but the MP’S wouldnt let me send them back to belfast!. Civilians have no idea what goes on overseas! if you get time to have a bit of craic go for it. Slan abhaile! 2nd inf batt VIKING.

  7. The 2nd batt have 2 videos from kosovo but the MP’s took them off the internet, i dont see why the old officers that run the army cant look at them an laugh like most rather than getting them taken off the internet after all the job is getting done and the morale is high. soldiers are human to.

  8. Well you know the army drill, ACT PROFESSIONAL , BE PROFESSIONAL. I can totally understand the M.O.D stance on removing these videos. I dont agree with it, but I do understand why they feel the need to do so. Besides some things are better kept away. I still have a great laugh thinking about my second tour to the leb when my mate nearly killed me with an ND. great days.

  9. The Irish army vid is brill, very funny. also check out ‘the backstreet shams’ and ‘do they know its christmas’ on youtube. both are funny irish army videos from peace keeping missions.

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