Dan and Becs, a love story in the unmaking

Dan and Becs

Reception to the new comedy on RTE has been less than favourable, or so it seems by what The Screaming Lady has to say as well as Blogorrah.

Was it really that bad? I didn’t watch it so I was spared the experience but someone must have done so! Go on admit it, what did you think of it? Was it a pile of trash or the greatest thing since Big Brother? (Or does that amount to the same thing anyway?)

Just in case you missed a few episodes or you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, here are a few episodes, courtesy of Blogorrah where I saw them first!

Dan & Becs, Episode One: The Club of Love

Episode Two: All About Becs

Episode Three: All About Dan

15 thoughts on “Dan and Becs, a love story in the unmaking

  1. I watched a chunk of it, was late switching over and had not realised how short it was.
    I enjoyed it. Not the funniest thing ever but I would rather rte did more of this than show friends reruns.

  2. really like it, think its funny and lightheart and perfect for monday&tuesday nights. really good funny little snippits!

  3. They are supposed to c-nts. You aren’t supposed to like them, you are meant to laugh at how removed from reality they are. I thought it was very good. Clever, funny. And anyone from Dublin can see where the influence for the characters came from. Its a sort of Ross O’Carroll-Kelly light.

  4. Just after watching this tuesdays episode…i think they are so funny!! Ans Jovan says…wer not ment to like them…satire as they say!!Although what i think is really funny…i recon there might be some d4 ppl who see themselves in Dan\Bec..thats the real funny part!!Anyway…love it, keep it coming!!

  5. Who ever came up with the idea for this ridiculous and pointless show should be shot for it. I can’t believe that RTE make us pay so much money for a licence and show tripe like that. I would even stay in on a friday night and watch the late late than Dan & bloody Becs and thats a bad sign.

  6. what you mean they’re supposed to be c-nts??
    Welcome to life on the Southside folks! This is reality Club of Love folr a few pints of Ken and chats with Mounties… get over it this is our reality!!

  7. I really like it. The reason why it’s funny is cos there are some people who are actually like this. There should be more programmes like this on telly.

  8. This show is so bad. The people saying it is good are either linked to the show or dumb.

    Terrible RTE crap.

    Anyone remeeber “The Family”? The only good thing RTE has produced/semi-produced.

  9. Ok All the “It’s crap” ppl ok lack of intelligence aside just because it’s cool to make fun of everything rte dosen’t mean you can pretent to have an opinion and says it’s crap .

    I watched it think it woulod eb rubbish but.. it’s not it’s good infact it’s very good it so far away fromt eh typical rte “THe young folk will like this” comedy (think upwardly mobile)

    it well wriiten it;s clever it’s funnt the characters are very real and have a lot of depth.

    best thing rte have done in years because they gave creative control to the new blood (guy who plays dan writes it)

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