Catch it if you can! WordPress mu 1.1.1 escaped!

Despite my best efforts to put off releasing WordPress mu 1.1.1 for another day it slipped through my fingers, tarred and zipped itself into neat bundles on the download page and screamed at all and sundry that it was free.

So, go on! Download and enjoy. As always, try it on your development servers before pushing it live, just to make sure it doesn’t conflict with anything else you’ve installed. We’re tracking the development version of WordPress itself so any new features that you see there will be in WordPress mu too. And if you haven’t looked before, the mu timeline will give you a good idea of what’s changed recently.

Some highlights:

  • PHPMailer is now used for email delivery. Once you configure it to use a local smtp server email literally flies out the door.
  • “No Options” are saved. Well, WPMU already had something like this for storing false option values but now it’s much better. Thanks Ryan for fixing that in MU.
  • Ryan’s In The Trunk post has a pretty good list of the new features you can expect in this release.

21 thoughts on “Catch it if you can! WordPress mu 1.1.1 escaped!

  1. Donncha

    It’s a lot slicker since I last tried to use it 🙂

    Is there any sane way to use it for multiple domains? eg. if I have ten wordpress blogs on separate installs could I use it to manage them all?


  2. You’d have to export each blog, create new blogs in your wpmu install and import the blogs, or just copy over the posts, comments and options tables to newly created wpmu blogs.

    ‘Course if you want different domains then that’s a bit more complicated, but look at wp_blogs and wp_site for starters 🙂

  3. Donncha

    Migrating posts etc., shouldn’t be overly complicated, but it sounds like I’ll have to bludgeon each domain into the DB.

    Is that correct?


  4. Yeah, out of the box wpmu thinks every blog is on the parent domain. Adding entries to wp_site and modifying wp_blogs is a kludge to get the equivalent of domain mapping working.

    Oh, and don’t forget to modify any URLs in the options tables too.

  5. Great job, Donncha!

    I have made a Virtual Appliance for WordPress MU. It can be used as a testing server right on your desktop. Take a look at the screenshots and videos here:

    WPMU 1.1.1 is bundled, together with WordPress 2.1.1 and bbPress 0.8.1

    Easy subversion checkout is also included. Hopefully this will be useful for quick theme/plugin development for WPMU. At least, we are going to use it for development. 🙂

    Thanks again for making this great piece of software!

  6. I have read through the trunk and do not see too many major updates beyond 1.0 for the hassle of upgrading – unless there were some major bug fixes (which were not listed).

    I have been working to get MU ready to launch the beginning of a major project our company is going toward. Over the last week I have been working on plugin/widget integration, themes and admin training for MU 1.0 – which is working fine…

    The first question is… Are the improvements included in 1.1 so great that I should halt what I am doing and scrub 1.0 before I launch the project to the public?

    The second question is… Should I continue developing the user environment (themes, plugins) and delay launch until a future version (i.e. wordpressmu-2.0)?


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