There's never been a better time to upgrade WordPress

When is the best time to upgrade your blog software? After the latest release has been out for a few weeks? When a release is so new it’s burning a hole in the ftp servers? When there have been a couple of releases because idonthavethetimetoupdateeverysingletime? Now? The best time is […]


WordPress MU 1.2.5

A new release of WordPress MU, the multi-user, multi-blog version of WordPress is now available. This is a security release to address issues brought to our attention by Alexander Concha who I must thank for his unfailing patience while we sorted out this release. Edit: this release is based on […]


You didn't hear? Upgrade now!

On the off chance that you haven’t heard the news yet. You should upgrade your WordPress install straight away. Don’t hesitate, do it now. Don’t pause to grab a cup of coffee. If you’re just waking up then rub the sleep from your eyes and jump to the download page […]

When-in-Ireland , WordPress

Ask the developer

On January 20th I’ll be speaking at BarCamp South East on the subject of WordPress.com and WordPress MU. The talk is titled, “WordPress.com – running the biggest wpmu site in the world” which is vague enough that I could talk about anything but I’d like to know what you want […]


WordPress MU Feedback

Matt took time out to update the feedback form in WordPress MU and WordPress.com today! Here’s a taster of what it looks like: See the “Feedback” link above there? Hit that to send feedback to the admins of your WPMU site. This is the feedback form that appears. It’s already […]


What's this WordPress.com thing anyway?

Lots of people are asking about WordPress.com, fortunately for them there has been lots said about it already, both on the wp-hackers list, and on the WPMU blog. Usually without much feedback which I have found strange, but there you go! The question comes up on IRC frequently, and here’s […]


WPMU Update – Improved Caching

Hopefully you should see this site run a little faster, I’ve moved most database accesses to inside the cache loop. For most users caching and processing of requests should be faster as the whole WordPress posts-loop is now cached, however there is a trade off. I can’t check if there […]


Spam Spam Spam, Come on up and get your spam!

Here’s an updated list of recent spam to this list. It’s updated every few minutes so you can see a snippet of the spam that’s being deleted automatically here by Kitten’s Spaminator and diligent updating of keywords. Go wild! I need to think about this a bit more. WPMU supports […]

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