Question for you all.. I moved …

Question for you all.. I moved my desktop machine to a position lying on its side. Is there any danger of the hard drives in it going bust because they’re lying on their side? One is a Quantum Fireball, the other a Bigfoot. Sorry.. completely off-topic đŸ™‚
I have to go study for my graphics exam again.. Still, it is graphics. Might as well tell me to study demo coding techniques!
Get and install a copy of xfstt from Freshmeat now! My page and most pages on the Internet will look much nicer with it. The DemoNix logo looks completely different!
Cross-ELF, a package to use the same ELF 32 bit 386 object files on a variety of operating systems (Linux, Dos and Win32) has been updated to version 0.19. Most of the examples work fine except for the GL example which had problems (change GL to MesaGL and then problems linking to the MesaGL library). I urge all demo coders to try this. It does work and it’s cool to compile a demo once on Linux and see it run again in Dos and Win32 without recompile! A second computer to run Dos/Win95 is now looking more enticing. Develop in Linux and export the directory with Samba.. cool!
See those buttons at the side of the page? I’m going to code a little random generator that’ll change the buttons around from a list, so if you want your site featured email me the button (must be 88×31 in gif or jpg format and not more than 5k in size). They’ll stay up there between updates, anywhere between a few hours and days on end! Mail me at

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