I'm not the only one to love the Alfa 147

This evening I watched an old Top Gear where Jeremy Clarkson put an Alfa 147 GTA through it’s paces and compared it to a VW Golf and Ford Focus.

Despite the fact that it will break down, something will fall off, and it’s slower than the other two cars, all three presenters would still buy the Alfa. If you’ve ever owned or driven an Alfa 147 you’ll know exactly what they mean. I read a review of the Alfa 147 in a paper and then months later had the opportunity to test drive one. I fell in love immediately. How could I not buy it? It was a love/hate relationship almost from the start.

The famous Alfa build quality made itself known early on:

  • My Alfa’s dashboard died for absolutely no reason while driving to work one morning. I had to pull over, switch off the engine and start her up again to get things working again.
  • The ABS or Traction Control kicked in going over small potholes. If you know Irish roads you know there are a lot of potholes.
  • Three of the bulbs in the headlights went at exactly the same time and had to be replaced while I was away from Cork.
  • There were other problems with it and I had to bring it back to the garage several times.

I wouldn’t trust it as far as I could throw it but would I buy another Alfa? I’d be awfully tempted..

Here’s what the Top Gear guys think and judge for yourself. Sheer lunacy?

What car have you absolutely adored? What car made your blood boil with passion to drive? What car would make you enjoy a long drive along bumpy roads? Mine’s the Alfa Romeo 147, what’s yours?

9 thoughts on “I'm not the only one to love the Alfa 147

  1. I have a 01 Saab 9-3 (last of the old shape) and I love it. The greatest car that I have ever had. Despite it not having moved from storage for almost a year. But since I’m now back in IRL it’s time to get it back on the road. Provided I can find someone to give me a decent insurance quote.

    On the road it was magnificent. Sitting in the drivers seat is really like being in the cockpit of a fighter jet, the way the dash wraps around! And the comfort! The greatest seats I have ever come across in any car. Handling is superb and despite being a 2L turbo still averages 28mpg around town and on a return trip to Dublin averaged 42mpg.

    But probably best of all is that the boot is gigantic! 3 sets of golf clubs fit in there once along with the trolleys. So naturally when our baby arrives in November it will provide more than ample room for buggies and other baby related ancillaries and for all that I would be more than willing to displace the golf clubs πŸ˜‰

    The only shame is that the original Saab H series engines are no longer available in the new models. essentially they are glorified Open/Vauxhall Vectras. And some of the new ones are made in Germany!

    But I love my one because it is an original that was “Made by Trolls in Trolhatten” πŸ™‚

  2. Ford Zx2! Best of the 3 cars I have had so far. Only 2 liters but other than that I like it. Of course I am looking towards getting my 6 liter Mustang….well one day

  3. Robert – after a year in the garage I hope she starts first time, and yes, you’ll need the boot space for baby stuff. Oh how things change when the baby comes along!

    DOD – and here was me thinking you’d still be cycling everywhere!

    Michele – you make me sick, totally sick! πŸ™‚

    I drive a 02 Renault Megane now and it’s “grand”. It gets me and the family from A to B but it’s about as exciting as a wet day.

  4. I have just purchased a 2006/2007 Alfa 147. What a great machine to drive. I have had Peugeot 307, Benz A160 (LWB) and other Euros but this car is wild to drive. I have just gone round the Mt Nebo (Queensland) roads and the car is fun to drive, sticks like glue to the road and with the exception of a great sound from the engine, particularly in 2nd gear it is dead quiet

    So far so good on the Italian quality control.

    WJR (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

  5. Damien OD I would definitely go with the 6 liter ford mustang. Its the one and if you ever get the chance a roush ford mustang.

  6. It’s not bad. i’m excited to seeing the new 2010 Mustang. Only one more month before it is revealed!!! yay!

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