WordPress MU 1.3.2

WordPress MU 1.3.2 was tagged earlier today. This is a major security update that brings together the fixes in WordPress 2.3.2 and a number of critical WordPress MU specific security problems.

Details of the fixes will be posted to the WordPress MU forum next week to give administrators time to upgrade. This release should be seen as an urgent upgrade.
Thanks to Alex Concha for his help with this release.

Please note: If you have plugins that uses options.php to save it’s options you must whitelist those options using the new add_option_update_handler() API. More information on this can be found on this forum post.

Download WordPress MU here

17 thoughts on “WordPress MU 1.3.2

  1. I have a question, not related to this post, but your main wordpress MU site didn’t give a contact name. One of your users has blatantly stolen content from my site. The stolen post (and I do hold the copyright on it) is here . He completely lifted my content, including the name of the post and all of the text and formatting, with no attribution whatsoever. I have commented on the post to ask him to take it down, but I am also asking you to take action. I’m sure that you don’t want users of your service stealing from people, and that is what this Robbie Wright is doing. Thank you for your time.

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