Sitewide tags pages for WordPress MU

For WordPress MU only. My latest plugin is the sitewide tags pages plugin.

This is the initial release of a plugin that creates a set of pages like the Hot Topics pages. It’s a lot more simplistic, but by feeding posts into one blog it also creates a sitewide feed of all posts plus feeds of any tags and categories too.

Sitewide Tags Options

WordPress MU is a multi blog version of WordPress that runs on If you use the regular version of WordPress this plugin is not for you and you can ignore this post.

PS. In other MU news. Raanan has a new post on the Publisher Blog about Nationen! blog, a new Danish blog site based on WordPress MU that looks rather nice!
The site was developed by Incsub who are also the guys behind where you’ll probably find all sorts of useful nuggets of MU goodness on a regular basis!



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  1. Hey Donncha,

    I tired this plugin out, and it seems to be acting a bit crazy for me. I am using WPMu 1.5.1 and when I install the plugin in mu-plugins and write a post a blog within that environment the same post republished in that blog (in this cas) over a 1,000 times.

    I can then find the lobal tags blog it created, but nothing is in thee. Moreover, when I delete the plugin from mu-plugins, the over 1,000 posts created are made “unublished” immediately, but stay in the database.

    Just thought you might like to know as you develop this one, which is pretty awesome in its conception.

  2. Jim – I just realised what it is causing that. You need to upgrade to WPMU trunk. I updated get_blog_details() so it’ll accept a blogname as well as a blog_id.

    To make the plugin work on older MU installs, either copy get_blog_details() from wpmu-functions.php in trunk, or:
    1. Get the blog_id of the tags blog.
    2. add a site_option called “tags_blog_id” with that blog_id as value.

    A big Doh! from me. Sorry!

  3. Donncha,

    0.2 worked like a charm for me. Thanks a lot, I can finally get rid of my old Dr. Mike hacked blog that hasn’t been updated for six months given the hacked WP Autoblog plugin breaks in all subsequent WP version. Whew, dodged another bullet.

  4. Thanks for releasing this! We’ve been looking for this for a long time. Two questions:

    Do you have inside info that isn’t ever going to release their code for site wide tags?

    It looks like your plugin introduces a new field “sitewide tags” to supplement “tags”. Is this necessary?

    Thanks again!

  5. Mathew – it’s irrelevant if the code on is going to be released or not. The plugin isn’t hard to do if there are people interested in enough in doing it.

    The plugin adds tags_blog, tags_blog_id and tags_blog_public site options. While you could probably do with only tags_blog_id and infer the rest of the information from that, it’s not a high priority for me.

  6. Thanks for your reply and thanks again for contributing this to the community.

    “Field” was a poor choice of words because I was actually talking about UI textfield and not the database field. That is, users will have two boxes to type tags into?

  7. I thought I saw a screenshot showing an “Edit Post” page with two fields, one for “Tags” and one for “Sitewide Tags”. Or something like that. Looking again, I can’t find anything like that. I’m sorry, this might all have been my confusion. Thanks again for your contribution and I look forward to using it.

  8. Doncha, I’ve been a long time lurker at the wpmu forums, always looking for a way to implement this for a little city blog I run. I’m crazy excited about the possibilities now that you’ve pumped out this plugin, considering most of the wpmu forum members don’t have the patience for noobs. I can’t wait to try it!
    Is there a demo of it running now or should I just imagine it running like’s hot topics?

  9. Rumblepup – thanks for commenting! There’s very little to show really. The plugin simply copies the posts to the named “tags” blog and uses whatever theme you want to display them.
    It doesn’t do the nice tags heatmap on, yet.

  10. Your theme could show the excerpts only. I considered adding a “Show only excerpts” option but I ran out of time.

    There’s also an option to stop search engines indexing the tags page which is probably worth doing in some circumstances.

  11. Last time I swear! LOL. I know that your plugin doesn’t handle this, but for the purposes of it’s use, do you have a tut or know of a tut on how to get the tags used in a subdomain to point to the tags in the tags sub? Like on It’s not that I wan’t to be exactly like, but I do see a benefit in this. If not, it’s so cool. You’ve given me and I’m sure a lot of other people sone of the best plugins for mu I’ve had the privilege of using. Thank you so much.

  12. Problems with a “vhosts=no” install and version 0.2 of this plugin. I need to add a trailingslash to return the correct path in this line(73):

    `$path = $current_site->path . $tags_blog . ‘/’;`

    Otherwise every “Update” at wpmu-options.php creates another “tags” blog with a new id.

    Thanks for this by the way.

  13. I installed it on my site and it created the tags-Blog. Then I posted a new post in another blog on my site and this appeared in the tags-Blog as well.

    Is there a possibility to bring all existing posts to the tags-Blog?

  14. I “third” Andreas’s & Tsahi’s question/request. It would be great to be able to push the old posts into the Global Posts blog.

  15. Re: Jim Groom, you’re lucky you only got 1,000 posts automatically created.

    We got 27,000 posts created and it was impossible to delete them via the WPMU interface!!! At the same time, no new posts could be created manually. Disbaling this plugin immeidately fixed the problem. Headache or what!

    Now I just need to work out what Donncha’s solution means – upgrade WPMU trunk? WTF?

  16. Duncan – I presume you have phpmyadmin installed? Just bring up the posts and postmeta table for the tags blog and delete everything.

    You should be running the latest MU anyway because of security concerns, but version 0.2 of the plugin will work in 2.5.1 and maybe earlier.

  17. Hi Donncha, I’m running WPMU 1.5.1. Yes I do have phpmyadmin. I Haven’t upgraded to WPMU 2.6 yet as I understand its still not totally stable (but you’re the man to confirm that!)

    Thanks for the reply!

  18. MU 2.6 is perfectly stable, as good as 1.5.1. No, actually better! It also contains security fixes for at least 2 vulnerabilities that will be made public at some time.

    That’s why I spent so long fixing bugs after WP 2.6 came out!

    Usual cavaet that you should make a backup first of course.

  19. Hi Donncha,
    I’m the maintainer of the Role Manager Plugin for the “normal” WordPress and I ‘ve started a µ-project some weeks ago.

    The plugin is realy nice. I’m a little bit confused about the name, because your plugin handle so much more as only tags 🙂
    By the way, my “internal” name for your plugin is “summary” 🙂

    On my µ-project I don’t using the primary blog (id=1) for blogging. The blog is for global information, help and so on. What are your thougths for using this blog as an archive? The most advantage I see, is to have a toplevel-domain with an sidewide feed in this case. And some more stuff similiar to are easy to implement on this way. I know, the plugin don’t support this in the moment, because the “primary blog” hasn’t a name. But I can send you a patch for this.

    My next idea: posts from “not public blogs” should be suppressed and not inserted in the tags blog. I can send you an patch for this too.

    Feel free to contact me by email to discuss this a little bit more in detail and sorry for my pour english.

    Best regards, Thomas

  20. @Thomas

    Hey Thomas,

    I am interested in doing exactly what you’re describing… having blog_ID=1 as the global repository.

    Would you send me the 2 patches as well?

    I guess for SEO the content of the primary blog in this case would not be indexed?

    Everyone Else:

    If you visit your subblogs and toggle the publication status and save, the posts ‘get pushed to the’ A global un/publish check box in the Manage Posts pane would be nice (like Joomla)

    Using the Simple Tags plugin’s TagCloud shortcode, I was able to display the global tags on a page, then set that page to be the frontpage of the tags blog…

  21. MuSnake – it’s probably better if Thomas sends on the patches to me so it’s easier for you to upgrade. Keep an eye on the download page for the new version!

  22. I brought it to work with WPMU 1.5.1 & subdirectory install referring to the main blog but couldn´t continue to use it because it doesn´t convert the “[gallery]“-tag into the adequate IMG-tags.

    If you use the “tags” blog in subdirectory install it always creates a new blog (irrespective if there is one) with save of the settings.

    So I implemented feedwordpress + sitewidefeed instead (with some troubles & restrictions)…

  23. Hi Donncha!

    Many thanks for your response!

    I installed the development version and after deleting the php-statement in line 36 and deleting the .’/’ in line 73 it works for the main blog.

    I & my users (currently 2 of them) extensively use the “[gallery]“-feature in posts and what I require would be that in the post-content all [gallery]-statements are converted into the according HTML-tags & links to the source files when posted on the “Global posts”-Blog.

    You find an example how the result should look like on my starting page:

    With “sitewidefeed” I get this data for each Gallery in posts, put this feed to the main blog with feedwordpress (which doesn´t update properly) and have a theme for the main post that creates the post-preview (incl. pictures).

    Your plugin could be a perfect solution and an easier and far more elegant than the current workaround.

    F.e. automatic syndication in most cases doesn´t work with feedwordpress and so I´ve to update manually. Therefore the latest posts on my platform can wait hours to be put on the main page. – And it has taken me more than 20 hours work to come that far!

    So your plugin has the potential to be very useful if it works with galleries!

    For hints I would be very grateful because I don´t know enough of WPMU to find the right lever.

    Kind regards,


  24. Schweet!

    Using the Dev version. I have a plugin that parses the post for images (attachments or custom fields etc). If it finds one, it generates the code to display it.

    In making a copy of the post in the global (main) blog, the posts’ post_meta data does not appear to be mirrored. Below is my attempt to have the custom field ‘thumbnail’ transfered with the post… This does not work yet…

    Around line 162…

    ` $p = wp_insert_post( $post );
    add_post_meta( $p, “permalink”, $permalink );
    // Add some of the custom field post meta,
    // specifically the value of the key ‘thumbnail’
    $myThumb = get_post_custom_values(‘thumbnail’, $p);
    if ($myThumb)
    add_post_meta( $p, “thumbnail”, $myThumb );

    Something simple that I’ve overlooked?

  25. I need a way to do something pretty quickly so any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Is there a way to create categories in sub blogs from the main blog or a central admin page. Ithere a way to manage the categories so that they are edited, created or deleted on existing blogs.

  26. MuSnake – good idea, postmeta entries need to be copied too.

    Justin – there’s no way to do that, but it’s not impossible to do in a plugin if you have the ability to code it.

  27. Hi Donncha,

    I love the plugin and I am requesting a little help.

    I am looking for a way to show comments too. Also, I am looking for a way to only make selected blogs (subdomain blogs) to become global. So, new blogs that are created are not global. Only ones that I assign become global.

  28. Justin – you mean show comment numbers next to the post title? Clicking on the title brings you to the original blog so there’s no need to display the actual comments.

    Should be easy enough to only show posts from certain blogs with a blog action on the wpmu-blogs.php page.

  29. Some permalink issues in my non-vhost set-up:

    My $tags_blog_id is 260.(

    Blog 1 Permalinks are set:

    In the sidebar of Blog 1 I have:

    All links in the tagcloud go 404 because they have these permalinks
    but should be

    Blog 1 Permalinks are off:
    An the sidebar tag_cloud links become which work fine

    With permalinks off on blog 1, when saving a page(p=123) on blog 1, the tags blog wp_$tags_blog_id_postmeta–>post_id for that page is set to 0(but should be 123). Every save/update adds another row with post_id 0.

    So that Custom fields( edit-form-advanced) show a growing list of custom fields with key “permalink” and value “” when writing a new post at the tags blog.

    Phew. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

  30. Ability to display custom fields (images especially) would be very nice and useful. Thanks for the great plugin. Also, I’m very happy to see that Thomas (few posts above) got more involved in WPMU. He’s a great guy and a great programmer… well, that’s my personal opinion:)


  31. I have a problem after acitivation this plugin to aggregate all the new post in the main blog. Since the activation my rss-feeds don’t work any more.
    I get an XML-Error.
    I have to add that I use for the generation of a sidewide feed the plugin WMPU Feed.
    But the strange thing is that the rss-feed of each blog don’t work either.
    When I click the rss button of the browser a get only the option to download the xml file of the rss feed.
    I would be really grateful for any hint.


  32. I solved the problem and I have to apoligize.
    The problem was caused by an other plugin which I installed yesterday.

    You can delete this an my fist comment.
    Thank you very much.

    A great plugin!


  33. Thanks Donncha for the great plugin. But I have a small issue. When I post from home page of blog with Prologue theme (Twitter like theme), it displays following error:
    “Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_insert_category() in /home/myname/public_html/wp-content/mu-plugins/sitewide-tags.php on line 148”
    I think reason is: on home page of Prologue theme, we insert only tags, not categories. Please advise me what should I do.

    Thank you.

  34. tulgaa – that’s because wp_insert_category() is defined in wp-admin/includes/taxonomy.php which isn’t loaded when you’re on the blog. Not sure how to get around that.

  35. Hey Donncha,

    Like tulgaa, I am getting the following error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_insert_category() in …/wp-content/mu-plugins/sitewide-tags.php on line 148

    I am actually using FeedWordPress to syndicate Sitewide tags out to different class blogs. Seems like on a number of occasions I get this error when using FeedWordPress. Am I writing the exchange above correctly? Is this a theme issue? Is there anyway to modify or comment out this code, reason being is when FeedWordPress grabs a new post from a sitewide tag feed, it gets this message and kinda messes with the settings of the FeedWordPress plugin, making the post permalink remain on the course site rather than linking back to the original blog.

    I know this is long winded, just want to try and figure this nut out.

  36. Donncha,

    I’m getting the same error as tulgaa above.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_insert_category() in /home/umwblogs/public_html/wp-content/mu-plugins/sitewide-tags.php on line 148

    Mine happens when I am using a plugin called feedWordpress to syndicate sitewide posts tagged uniquely intto course blogs. What happens is when the feedWordPress plugin pulls in this sitewide tag feed, it throws this error, and the actually feedWordPress plugin hiccups and changes the settings from having the permalink point to the original blog, to have it point to within the course blog.

    So is this an issue that can;t be worked around? Is their a way to comment out the insert_category code?

    Just drawing at straws here,.


  37. The plugin could either include whatever wp-admin include file is required, or just forego the categories. I suspect that including the right include file won’t be easy but it’s the right thing to do.

  38. everything work fine except every time i save change in site admin -> option, it’s always generate new blog,

    for example

    when first time i instal it generate blog name tags(i change nothing in sitewide-tags configuration) with blog id “2” when i come again to this section and do samthing and save change it generate new blog using same name but different id ( blog name tags id 3 )

    thanks for your time

  39. Hey all,

    First off Donncha, great plugin and it will be very useful. Secondly I was experiencing the same issue with the wp-content/mu-plugins/sitewide-tags.php on line 120/148 error, when using a prologue theme, and fixed it for the moment by simply adding the taxonomy.php code into the Prologue function.php file.

    After doing so she fired right up and the post are appearing as well as the tags.

    Is there any dangers or concerns with this method anyone can think of?


  40. Sorry guys, I may have jumped the gun on that fix, it doesn’t work very well, as the second you enter the admin of the blog, it states that it can’t redeclare category_exists() (previously declared.

    I am still trying to find a way around it. Any ideas? I have narrowed it down to a specific Prologue theme issue in my case.


  41. No FeedWordPress plugin here, but by reading the other comments, Donncha is dead on with why it appears as it relates to either the presence of the function(s) in the taxonomy.php file.

    Just need to make them play nice together. Does anyone know of a way to detect the existence of each case and prevent the other from overstepping each other?

    Just a thought I am working on.

  42. Okay, I followed up on a recommendation Donncha provided regarding foregoing the categories altogether. Considering that there are really no uses for categories in my opinion with the Prologue or similar themes, I commented out lines 118-122 in the sitewide-tags.php file. Everything seems to work great!

    Not sure how to get around the FeedWordPress issue as I do not have it installed at the moment, sorry. I hope this puts you a step further.

    Might it be possible to add a configuration option that we can toggle to support this in future versions if using a Prologue type theme?

    Another option or default check would be in support of subdomain or /directory installations so to prevent duplicate tag blog site being created.

  43. George – the best way of fixing this is by including the taxonomy.php file in the plugin if wp_insert_category doesn’t exist. That may work, but I don’t know if it will be missing any important constants or variables set up by the wp-admin init files.

  44. @MuSnake

    you said: Using the Simple Tags plugin’s TagCloud shortcode, I was able to display the global tags on a page, then set that page to be the frontpage of the tags blog…

    Can you provide an example of how you do that please? I know this plugin was made to facilitate such use, but I can’t seem to graps how to show tags from on the main blog aka 🙁

  45. Is it possible to retrieve older posts in the tag blog?
    The plugin only gets posts that were written after the installation.
    Thank you very much for your help.

  46. I have a very odd problem. I’ve just done a clean install of WP MU 2.6.1. I have the main blog plus one “user” blog. Both are pretty “clean” (read: no posts except for the initial defaults).

    No tags or categories exist in the system.

    When I add a new post or page to either blog, without giving it a tag, it takes “forever” after publishing. I either wait until timeout, or stop before it gets there, and look at the number of posts or pages. Instead of 2, there are hundreds, all copies of the one I had just created.

    Tried this with no other plugin installed, tried it both with this plugin in the “real” plugins (my mistake at first) then in the mu-plugins. Same behavior…


  47. Regarding the trailing slash bug, wouldn’t it be better to do the following in the non-vhosts update section (lines 72/73, or there-abouts in the stable release .2):

    $path = $current_site->path . $tags_blog;
    $path = trailingslashit($path);

    I’ve tested it on a non-vhosts install and it fixed the issue for me, and seems like the safer approach, since you don’t know what a user is going to put in that text field.

  48. So I’m now running WPMU 2.6 with MULTIPLE top-level domain blogs (managed by Multisite Manager through unique site id’s) and sub domains hanging off these various top-level ones.

    I understand that our configuration is probably well away from what most people are doing with MU, but to be honest our set up is working great! However, I’m wondering whether the ‘Sitewide Tags’ plugin was only ever designed to work for a single top-level domain with multiple sub blogs?

    The reason I’m asking is we’ve tried to get your plug in to work several times under this configuration but to no avail (also in MU 1.5). It will either/or aggregate ALL posts across all domains, and/or create thousands of duplicate empty posts in one of the existing blogs (no rhyme nor reason as to which subdomain or top-level domain blog it chooses). This is obviously most disturbing 😉

    Are we being too ambitious with your plugin in our current set up?

  49. Is it possible to have the sitewide posts aggregate in the “root” blog as opposed to tags, or another “sub” blog?

    as opposed to

  50. @Donncha, I tried to do this, but for some reason it still could not redeclare. I am not sure if I tried to detect if wp_insert_category function existed or not. I’ll take another stab at it and share the findings.


  51. Question for anyone / (Donncha). How/where would you change the the permalink for the author’s name for example on a post fed to the repository blog?

    I want the ability to store everyone’s post as public, but when clicking any permalink, it is actually the link to the user’s blog versus the standard author page. I assume this must happen both at the sitewide tag update level as well as the theme level, but not sure where to pass or store the meta data, and what linking structure to use in the theme.


  52. Found a working solution to point each post back to the author’s blog from the Tags Blog post. Not too elegant, but it did not require any changes to the core of the plugin.

    <a href=”http://rootsite.domain/”> at: on


  53. Hi Donccha, awesome plugin for the wpmu, works great. Speedy too! I found a bug in the plugin that I can’t seem to workaround. When it’s still set to unpublished, it saves the GUID numbered link instead of the permalink (which doesn’t exist yet) On TAGS blog and that’s fine. When I go to publish and use a new URL, it saves it again as another permalink entry in the TAGS blog postmeta table. When called up, it just uses the previous permalink instead of the latest entry.

    Is there any way for the plugin to find the entry based on wp_#_post/guid, then edit the wp_#_postmeta/permalink instead of writing a new permalink entry? Content output updates, but the permalink uses the old ones. Thanks!!

  54. @Dsader
    I was having a similar problem, so seeing your comment really helped. (All links in tagcloud were going to 404 page, couldn’t figure out why… changing theme didn’t help, thought they worked before and couldn’t remember when they broke, etc… Changing permalinks from “Day and Name” to “Default” fixed it.)

  55. @mike:
    Donncha released today a new version. The new version has this feature (read also my first comment here, please)
    @creativeherb and @Esther:
    Version 0.3.1 should fix this too, because I have had the same problem at the development time. I changed the code for permalinks in trunk some weeks ago and now it works fine for me. The changed code comes to public with Donnchas release 0.3.1 today. If I’m goes wrong, please let us know.
    Finally: the link to version 0.3.1 🙂

    Cheers, Thomas

  56. @Thomas: the new version (0.3.1) seemed to have worked well! I will do further testing and if it breaks I’ll post again. However because I already had posts, I had to clear the wp_#_postmeta and wp_#_posts and republished the articles to have the proper permalinks kick in. (since the GUID links were already in the tables, using the broken older version of the plugin)

    I also had to clear the RSS cache from wp_sitemeta because it kept using some of the older cache.
    Actually that’s another annoying thing, don’t know why wpmu uses old RSS cache sometimes… I can imagine that it would keep building up, because I had to delete about 8-10sets of RSS cache from wp_sitemeta.

  57. Creativeb – the build up of rss cached items is a WordPress issue. In Tweet Tweet I had to manually cleanup those cached files because my options table was filling up so much!

  58. Hi there! I’ve installed the plug-in, with no hassles – but nothing seems to be happening on the tags blog ( – what should I expect?


  59. Donncha: ya the rss cache issue really is a problem because it seems to be so random. Do you think it will be fixed someday soon or is it actually a really difficult issue to fix?

    Cas: if you already have posts just resave each post once by clicking “save”, no need to republish. If you have a ton of posts tho then you might find to find a more elegant solution. The plugin works with posts from the time of the plugin installation.

  60. Seems like there’s a problem with the postmeta saving. Every time a post is saved, duplicates are made, and the very first permalink meta_key is the direct one (for example: This can cause the permalinks to be returned incorrectly if a post has no revisions to it, as the last duplicate is always the one returned and contains the correct permalink.

  61. hrrm. could it be i only have one post 😛 im still building the site, so i dont have much to write about..! ill try adding a few more posts and seeing if it works.

    can anyone show me an example of what it should look like? is it like the tags on wordpress’ site (shown in the documentation for this plugin)??


  62. anyone having any luck with copying over the metadata as well. I want to display thumbnails of the images in the posts, and I need the meta data for that. I tried inserting
    $the_attachment_meta = get_post_meta( $post_id, '_wp_attachment_metadata' ); after line 157 but it just gives me an php error. does anyone know why? should I be passing it something other than the $post_id? or should I be using another function specifically for attachments such as get_attached_file()? Once I get the meta data in a url it will be easy to insert it again below. and I could even alter the admin to optionally turn this on and off. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  63. So I’m now running WPMU 2.6 with MULTIPLE top-level domain blogs (managed by Multisite Manager through unique site id’s) and sub domains hanging off these various top-level ones.

    I understand that our configuration is probably well away from what most people are doing with MU, but to be honest our set up is working great! However, I’m wondering whether the ‘Sitewide Tags’ plugin was only ever designed to work for a single top-level domain with multiple sub blogs?

    The reason I’m asking is we’ve tried to get your plug in to work several times under this configuration but to no avail (also in MU 1.5). It will either/or aggregate ALL posts across all domains, and/or create thousands of duplicate empty posts in one of the existing blogs (no rhyme nor reason as to which subdomain or top-level domain blog it chooses). This is obviously most disturbing 😉

    Are we being too ambitious with your plugin in our current set up?

  64. Duncan – I guess so. I don’t like what the multisite plugin does as running blogs as different sites really isn’t the best way of doing it. Does the plugin try to create a tags blog on each of the sites?

    Have you tried the domain mapping plugin?

    If you must run multiple sites I would suggest you use multiple installs of WordPress MU rather than creating new records in wp_sites. ‘Course if you want to debug this problem and submit a patch I’d love to get that too and make it work better!

  65. Donncha – your comments are interesting (and rather worrying from my perspective!), but I’ve honestly noticed absolutely NO problems with Multisite Manager.

    We now have 12 different ‘sites’ (with parked domains on our VPS), numerous subdomains hanging off each site and users logging on and maintaining their own blogs. Plugins seem to be happily managed via Plugin Commander on a blog-by-blog basis along with Custom Themes etc. In fact the only issue has been with the Sitewide Tags plugin!

    At the moment we’re not really in a position to switch to any other method of creating sites (what with also having to think about what happens to our existing sites in the process) and as I say it all seems to work fine. Additionally I’m not sure the Domain Mapping plugin is quite robust enough yet for our clumsy hands!

    But at least I know that our set up is probably not suitable for the Sitewide Tags plugin in any case.

  66. Hi there!

    Can someone help me out, please?

    I’ve installed this plugin, and I’m not sure if it’s working…

    The main site is at and the tag page made by the plugin is at

    Since I have installed the plugin, I have made two posts, and the tags page does not seem to be indexing anything.

    Can anyone tell me what should be happening, what to expect etc?

    I need to get this working, in order to use the Sitewide Multi Widget (


  67. Cas: ok let’s go over some obvious check lists then.
    1> you installed latest version of plugin right?
    2> it’s placed into your mu-plugins folder?
    3> you activated it in site admin-options right?
    4> test post with another new subdomain blog.

  68. 1> I have Version: 0.3.1 – is this the latest?
    2> It’s placed in mu-plugins folder.
    3> Is activated!
    4> Ah! Got to your 4th check, and it seems to have worked… i made a post from and it has appeared on

    I wonder why the main posts aren’t showing? Good to see results! What do you think could be happening with main blog on


  69. Hi,
    Just looking for clarification on the tag cloud link issue.
    I’m using v. 0.3.1 of Sitewide Tags, and the same problem came up when using the tag cloud in sitewide-multi-widget. (Tags pointed to wrong page: myblogs/tags/blog/tag/mytag instead of myblogs/tags/tag/mytag.)
    As with DSader I was able to fix this by setting the permalinks in Blog 1 to default.
    Does this mean I am storing up trouble in the db as described by Dsader above?

  70. Still trying to resolve issue above – I updated my WPMU to 2.6.3, but this didn’t seem to help. I would like to have “nice” permalinks if possible.

    Any idea why my tag cloud links point to:
    instead of:

    It seems to be working fine on the front page of…! Perhaps they are using a different solution?

    Thanks for the plugin anyhoo.

  71. I too had the extra /blog/ in the tag cloud issue. I ended up cheating the other end by setting the Tag Base to /blog/tag/ in the Global posts blog Permalink settings. I’m guessing this will clash if the root blog ever gets used, but no plans to do that at the moment.

  72. Hi Seb,
    Thanks for the workaround suggestion.
    I’m still digging into this when I have time. I’m guessing the problem is with switch_blog() which is called by the widget, as cloud tags works fine when called from their own blogs, and don’t put that extra ‘blog’ into the url.
    Will post any fixes if and when I find them.

  73. Looks like it’s happening in the get_tag_permastruct() function in wp_rewrite (called by wp_tag_cloud()). Maybe switch_blog() has no effect there?

  74. Yes, I agree Mike. I think it’s a bug in switch_to_blog() that doesn’t load in the setting for the tags permalink of the blog you’re switching to (seems to stick with current one – but not really tested in depth – certainly /blog/ (which is it seems to be using) looks ‘hard wired’ into the root blog). I guess I should report it, but still new to this, so didn’t want to rush in and embarrass myself.

  75. Hello
    I have installed you plugin, but it only seems to be pulling from only one of the blogs and it is listing them oldest first. I was refered to you plugin via the WMU forums. Here is hwat I am trying to do.

    I want a way to display the post recent posts made in the WMU, to a page out side of WMU?


    Recent posts for
    display on

  76. I like the sitewide tags plugin!

    sitewide tags copies a blogentry to the main blog.

    When using a the plugins ‘gd star rating’ or ‘wp-postratings’ each blogitem have 2 rates:
    one on the mainblog and one on the individual blog.

    How can we resolve that?

  77. I´m happy with the sitewidetags-plugin and use it for months now to send copies of posts to the main blog. The main blog serves as simple starting-page for my platform.

    Today I found that when the copy-post to the main blog is generated it seems that search engines are pinged for the copy-post as well. Is there an easy solution to prevent this w/o setting the main blog to private ??? – This would be a bad solution due to no-follow-tags on the starting-page.

    Recommendations welcome.

    Best regards,


  78. I have a problem: I am building a big site with the sitewide tags plugin pointing to the main-page. Perfect for tags, search, sitewide-stream etc.

    BUT from time to time – I don’t know why, it switches the privacy in one of the main-blogs to private and all the sitewide-entries are deleted. It seems forever… 🙁

    HELP!!! 1. Can I fetch somehow the existing posts (that they show up again)? 2. Can I disable that, so that the posts just stay – even if a blog is turned by accident to private?
    Please – those are two VERY important questions for me and I am kind of desoalte right now cause I lost hundrets of articles, tags etc in the main blog that way…

    THANKS for HELP!
    Michael 🙂

  79. Miguael – there isn’t any code to import existing posts, but you can disable the privacy check by commenting out this line:

    add_action(‘update_option_blog_public’, ‘sitewide_tags_public_blog_update’, 10, 2);

    Anyway, you have the source code to the plugin, so you can do whatever you like. 🙂

    Andreas – disable the pinging option in the settings page for that blog?

  80. Thanks alot – it works now. With the new bulk-options i just updated all the articles and now it works fine. PERFECT! You saved me (twice: first with your plugin, second with your advice). Thanks

  81. @Donncha, Mike and Seb Crump

    I have the same problem with the extra blog/tag/ in the tag cloud when i display it on the frontpage of my WordPress Mu + Buddypress Installation. Is there any solution?

  82. I have a small problem, after creating tags blog, and looking around inside it, I have check’ed “Post to main blog” check box in Site Admin/Options.
    After that I can’t change its value (only manually in site database).

  83. I am having the same problem as apaung. Sitewidetags works fine in my dev setup but not my prod one. Any idea what could be causing the issue?

  84. Hi Donncha, firstly thanks for the Domain Mapping plugin. We’re using it on our site and it works a charm!!

    Anyway, that was off topic!

    I’ve installed this plugin on our site. The Global Posts blog was created with no problems at all…good start!

    However, we’ve noticed that the global_tags table has not been created in the global DB. I’ve had a good look around for a solution and can’t seem to find anything appropriate, so your help would be really appreciated 🙂

    If it makes a difference, we’re using the premium.wpmudev Multi DB plugin too

    Cheers for all your great work!


  85. Hi! I’ve noticed that when different blogs on our MU install post and our root blog makes an entry using sitewide tags that sometimes random categories are also being created. They always take the form of the number such as 123, 66, 84, etc. The numeric categories don’t show up on the original blog or in their dashboard, it only shows up on our tag blog, which happens to be the root or main blog of the install. Any ideas on why this might be happening or if anyone else might have experienced this? Any feedback appreciated!

  86. Hm… Now that you mention it, Trace, I see it too. Weirdness. We aren’t really using the categories on our tags blog. But, I could see where it would be an issue.

  87. Donncha,
    Really love this plugin. Been using it for my web site’s landing page. Was wondering if there is a fix that would enable the Sitewide tag page to show the number of comments for a specific post? A post that appears on one of the blog pages will show there are comments pertaining to specific posts, but on the main page that shows the sitewide tags, the same post will say “no comments”. Hope this is clear. Thanks for the help!

    1. That isn’t supported but it might be difficult to keep comment counts synced or if done with switch_to_blog() it’d be so slow that a busy tags page would hurt your server performance. Best to just remove the comment count from the tags blog theme I think.

      1. Thanks Donncha! I took your advice, very happy with the result. Fairly simple fix for those looking to do the same. Since my homepage used the same theme as the blogs on the site, I copied the theme folder, edited the index.php file. Look for the code:

        Delete that line, save and download the new theme folder back into wordpress. Activate and you’re done.

  88. Donncha,
    This seems like a great plugin. Thank you! I’m having a bit of trouble getting things set up (trying to copy subdomain posts to main blog), and hoping you can help. I have a number of custom fields (created via Custom Field Template) and cannot seem to figure out how to get them to be copied along with the other post content. I’ve tried entering the field names (institution, department, trainingtype, etc.) in admin settings area for post meta (one per line), but no luck…perhaps I’m using the wrong format? Also, when writing or editing a post now, any content entered into those custom fields will not save (it goes away upon clicking Publish/Update). I’m guessing these two things are related, but can’t get it figured out. Please HELP if you can! Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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