First go playing TF2 online!

So, after playing against bots for a few days I joined a Team Fortress 2 server this evening with David and we had a pretty good time! First David joined an empty payload server escorting a train to the other side of the map. Good clean fragging fun there, especially with a rocket launcher!

Next a game of capture point on Gravel Pit and we got thrown on to different teams. Woah, great stuff! The server was a mixture of humans and bots though I didn’t realise that for a while. The replay function works really well but I didn’t have Quicktime installed so I couldn’t save them. Sucks that I lose the recordings when I exit TF2! 🙁

PS. Thanks Deffik and Shaz for the games of Bad Company 2. My computer just wasn’t up to the task this evening, though I did enjoy taking down all those helis with the VADS!

David blasting my team to smithereens with his minigun!

7 thoughts on “First go playing TF2 online!

  1. You don’t lose the recordings unless they update the engine. The replays are stored in the same format as the data sent to you while you’re on the server.

    1. If you pushed the key it told you to, the screenshot is stored in [steam dir]/steamapps/[steam username]/team fortress 2/tf2/screenshots.

  2. I should get the Orange Box soon so we could play TF2 instead of BC2 if your PC is having troubles with it. :]

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