Learn to play Team Fortress 2

I don’t know if many other games have a new users/training section to their forum like the one for Team Fortress 2 does but they should! Maybe it’s a sign that the game has a lot to offer and a learning curve?

Having just watched two of the videos linked from here about playing as an engineer I’m itching to get playing the game but I will need help. Who’ll join me? I see now that 18 of my Steam friends have the game. Must get a few of you on Skype and go play it!

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I’ll have to check that part of the forum out. I’m pretty clueless about many of the finer points in TF2. I usually just play medic because I understand how to play it but it’d be nice to understand at least a couple other classes as well.

I played a couple of games as an engineer against bots on the easiest difficulty level. Still lost every game though. Hard to keep the dispenser and gun going all the time though.

And it appears that when playing with bots it’s better to play with the red team. At least on the Egyptian level. They win every time!

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