Minecraft 1.3, with beds

Well, they say Minecraft is addictive. Now you can lie down while you deal with your addiction. Version 1.3 includes beds and I read somewhere that you’ll respawn in the last bed you’ve slept in but don’t quote me on that! If you’ve had Minecraft open on your machine for some time make sure you close and reopen it to update the client.

Bukkit hasn’t been updated yet so warps and the /home function on the Minecraft server don’t work.

Once the 1.3 update has quietened down and I know all plugins are ok I’m tempted to enable mobs and deop everyone to make things more interesting. Make sure your building is well lit and defensible!


7 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.3, with beds

  1. Hehe, Bukkit was updated this morning and I installed version 1.3 of it so warps and home should work but I haven’t tested them yet.

    MyFingersHurt and MongolianGnome both logged into the server last night so I might hold off introducing the mobs for a bit 😉

  2. Sorry for being off topic but a ps3 hacker in Germany, was raided yesterday and all his computers, etc were taken, Sony is getting serious. Course I’m still with Sony on this. Pirating destroyed PC gaming.

  3. Read about that yesterday Conor, it was on slashdot. He even uploaded all his docs on the hypervisor so others could continue hacking it. Sony will fight but unfortunately it’s too late, they’re only slowing things down. I wonder if this will hasten the development of the next Playstation?

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