Android Games

I draw something

Ah, so I draw something along with another 34,999,999 people apparently. On the day that the game’s developer, OMGPOP was sold to Zynga.

It seems to be everywhere today. Ryan twittered about it and I downloaded it to see what it was all about, then a few games later I saw a few more people mention it, this time on Facebook. Feels like the rush when Google Plus launched. Hope it doesn’t fizzle out like, errr, Google Plus…

I wonder why it is that I manage to get 10 words in a row right with one opponent while I struggle to get 2-3 with everyone else? Luck of the draw I suppose.


Galaxy Domination for Android still lives!

One of the games I first downloaded when I bought my Samsung Galaxy S was Galaxy Domination. I played the game non-stop for weeks (well, non-stop in relative terms).

When I updated my phone I lost the game because I screwed up by having a speed-up mod on it. When Froyo was installed the phone wouldn’t boot so I had to do a factory reset. For some reason Galaxy Domination was not to be found on the Android Market!

Luckily I found it this evening here where it has been released as an open source project. The .apk file is there so all you have to do is copy it on to the memory card and install it manually. Works a treat again! 🙂


Minecraft to appear on iPhone, iPad and Android

Woohoo! Looks like Minecraft will be coming to mobile handsets later this year according to Kotaku!

I wonder how they’ll distribute that, will current players have to buy the client again or will it be a free download, but requiring the Minecraft login (that costs money)?


Get Angry Birds for free on Android!

The good people at are now offering Angry Birds as a free download for mobile phones running Android.

The game is ad supported but as far as I can see, adverts appear at the start of the level and don’t appear on each one so they’re not intrusive. Works flawlessly on my Samsung Galaxy S too. Great job!

Oh, you might have to wait a while before downloading. The GetJar website is currently down, but persevere and you’ll get it!

This advert disappeared after a few seconds.


Quake 3 for Android

Kwaak3 and Kwakk3arena (xda forum thread) are ports of Ouake 3 to Android that looks interesting but do first person shooters really work on mobile touch screen devices? That’s one of the downsides to getting rid of the keyboard, but you could always connect a USB keyboard to your device. All you’d be missing is a mouse then!

I might get my old Quake 3 box out of the attic and give it a go, just to see it in action!


Top Ten Android Games?

The Guardian games blog has a post listing some of the essential Android games users should play. My current mobile contract expires in about 2 weeks time so I’m looking at my options and it’s likely that I’ll buy an Android phone.

Three have the iPhone 4 at a reasonable price but it’s Three and I’ve heard lots of bad things about them.

What would you choose?