I made our little Minecraft server a whitelisted…

I made our little Minecraft server a whitelisted one this morning after I read about this hacking on another server. 3 guys were able to login and change all the signs in the world.

That unfortunately is a bug of vulnerability in Minecraft but if they can’t get in they can’t do it. I’ve added everyone who has been on before (or who I know is interested), so if you want to join us, get in touch with your Minecraft username.

4 thoughts on “I made our little Minecraft server a whitelisted…

  1. Whitelisting will also prevent people from trolling your server (lighting all your wood houses on fire for example), so it’s a good idea in general.

    1. Yeah, that freaked me out when I first set up a server. I found a guestbook plugin that stopped people modifying the world at all if they weren’t signed in. Whitelisting gives me more confidence however if they can’t even connect!

  2. That’s a pretty scary hacking incident. And whitelisted is really the only way to go if you want to get any building done. After playing on a few public servers, my own server has been whitelisted since day 1.

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