Petition to allow game button remapping

Colin reposted a video by Chuck Bittner, a disabled gamer who is collecting signatures in support of his petition to get game companies to allow remapping of controller buttons. Here’s the petition and a FAQ about it. Even if you don’t care about other gamers, then sign it for selfish […]


Pangea Arcade is free on the Mac App sto…

Pangea Arcade is free on the Mac App store right now. There are 3 classic arcade games in this app based on Centipede, Asteroids and Missile Command so there’s plenty of gameplay on offer here! I’m trying to install it but the App Store has frozen on my machine. Hopefully […]


How would you fare in actual war?

I think one person who reads this blog may have had actual experience in the military but for the rest of us the closest we get is through video games and Bad Company 2 in particular. This question on Reddit asks, “DAE wonder how they would fare in actual war?” […]


Who’s up for some MAG? I’ve only playe…

Who’s up for some MAG? I’ve only played it once, when I got the Move controller and I got destroyed so I’ll probably use the ordinary controller next time! It hasn’t caught the attention of Youtubers like BLOPS or BfBC2 has but there must be more people playing it than […]


BfBC2 with the PS3 Coffin Dodgers

Here’s a game I played with some of the guys from PS3 Coffin Dodgers on Friday evening. We had a few great games, and about halfway through this one Chris and Duck joined us so I hopped over to their squad. Great game, lots of fun. As I asked in […]


The Insane Console History Video 2.0

Amazing video by Eliot Hagen. So far I’ve got to 1978 and I haven’t seen that console my parents bought us all those years ago. Eliot is more than right, I don’t recognise most of those old consoles. Streaming is so slow I created a Vimeo account so I could […]


I must admit, after reading this review …

I must admit, after reading this review (and this one) I want a GP2X Wiz. Quake 1 running on the GP2X Wiz (lots more) You can buy the unit at Play Asia where it’s described as: GP2X is going in the next round with a completely reworked new gadget, the […]

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