BfBC2 with the PS3 Coffin Dodgers

Here’s a game I played with some of the guys from PS3 Coffin Dodgers on Friday evening. We had a few great games, and about halfway through this one Chris and Duck joined us so I hopped over to their squad. Great game, lots of fun.

As I asked in the video, what games in your collection have you not played? I haven’t played Bioshock 1 (except for a bit of the demo) and 2, only a tiny bit of Assassin’s Creed II, and even stopped playing the last Batman game when MW2 came out last year. I thought Dirt 2 looked superb but I tired of it within a short time. I ask this because I got 2 games for my birthday recently and have yet to even load them up. My wife kindly got me a voucher too, but I wonder what I should spend it on. You can’t buy “spare time” in the shops!

Don’t get me started on my collection of C64 and Amiga titles. I’ve probably played most of the C64 ones but I didn’t have an Amiga that long so I don’t even know what all the good ones are. Must fire up the emulators again some evening for a blast!

Note: video is unlisted and unedited because Youtube is having a hissy fit about accepting edits right now.

7 thoughts on “BfBC2 with the PS3 Coffin Dodgers

  1. I played through the first level of Dead Space when it first came out and haven’t put it back in the machine since, but it didn’t scare me a bit -just startled me a lot. 😉 Actually, it was a little difficult with the TV I was using at the time. I couldn’t make out what the displays read on the standard def. I keep telling myself that I’ll get back to it, but I really need to prepare myself for the monster-closets.

    I sold Lair back to the store after only playing for a couple of days.

    BFBC2, I’ve only put in about 28hrs, but I’m still playing it here and there. I mainly play COD since that’s what my “real-life” friend plays.

    Be sure to play the games and use the voucher that you got for your birthday or else feelings might get hurt. :/

    1. I actually earned my “5 days” service medal in BfBC2 last week! That’s a hell of a long time to play. Probably the most time I’ve put into any game, ever!

      Oh, I’ll certainly use the voucher, LBP2 is out early in the new year and I know that will get a lot of play time!

  2. Great Video!! Looking forward to trying b2c with your this week on the new Headset, Got a Triton one fro 70 in gamespot. Finally allows me to play without sylvia hearing anything (she finds the sound of warfare annoying for some reason).

    1. Good, good! Have you changed your audio settings in BfBC2 to headphones? It makes a huge difference. I only heard the c4 being planted on the tank in that game because I had headphones, happened once more too. The time our tank was killed at Charlie I think the C4 was on the ground already unfortunately..

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