I must admit, after reading this review …

I must admit, after reading this review (and this one) I want a GP2X Wiz.

Quake 1 running on the GP2X Wiz (lots more)

You can buy the unit at Play Asia where it’s described as:

GP2X is going in the next round with a completely reworked new gadget, the GP2X Wiz!

Powered by a 533Mhz 3D flash engine, the GP2X Wiz is the long-awaited update to the beloved Linux based handheld, offering updated multi-media features, a long serving rechargeable battery, a touch screen and a new sleek design.

Play games, read e-books, see videos and play music files. Let the GP2X Wiz be your all-round multimedia parter for all situations.

‘Course my only problem is that I work at home, and when I go anywhere I’m driving and when I get there it’s usually with family so I’ll either have a better computer nearby, or won’t have an opportunity to play it. Might suit my son Adam as a portable gaming platform?

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