Who’s up for some MAG? I’ve only playe…

Who’s up for some MAG? I’ve only played it once, when I got the Move controller and I got destroyed so I’ll probably use the ordinary controller next time! It hasn’t caught the attention of Youtubers like BLOPS or BfBC2 has but there must be more people playing it than Medal of Honour online surely? (Don’t call be Shirley!)

You’d think I had loads of time to spare. Might be a few days before I get a chance to play again!

3 thoughts on “Who’s up for some MAG? I’ve only playe…

  1. Sure, next time I see you on MAG I’ll give it a go. Sniping in MAG is much easier then close combat anyway since you’re attacking bases and loads of campers camp camp-style. tried playing it with the move and its like using the controller with two thick gloves. Which would still be okay if you up against AI. But people just won’t give you the several seconds it takes for the move to center on them.

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