I’m still waiting on a reply from play-…

I’m still waiting on a reply from to my query over the weekend about the component switcher cable I ordered.

I’m not prepared to wait any longer so I sent them a note cancelling the purchase.

Instead, I’ve ordered the V2 version of the cable from divineo in the UK. It looks like the only difference between the XCM Multi-Consoles Component Cable V2 and V3 is support for the PSP and Xbox which I’ll never have to worry about. It’s also slightly cheaper which is always a bonus. Hope they get it to me before the weekend.


The WD TV media player arrived this morn…

The WD TV media player arrived this morning!

Much sooner than expected the postman delivered a box from Amazon containing the WD TV “HD Media Player” and a 16GB Cruzer flash drive from Sandisk. The media player works as advertised and played all the movies I through at it. The Cruzer USB flash drive is unfortunately quite slow at writes (about 3MB/sec) but is perfectly adequate for streaming movie files from it.

The Playstation 3 has been rescued, but video quality is dire through the shipped composite cable. I don’t have a HDMI socket on my monitor, so I can’t wait for this component cable switcher to arrive.

Playstation 3 and Xbox 360


I must admit, after reading this review …

I must admit, after reading this review (and this one) I want a GP2X Wiz.

Quake 1 running on the GP2X Wiz (lots more)

You can buy the unit at Play Asia where it’s described as:

GP2X is going in the next round with a completely reworked new gadget, the GP2X Wiz!

Powered by a 533Mhz 3D flash engine, the GP2X Wiz is the long-awaited update to the beloved Linux based handheld, offering updated multi-media features, a long serving rechargeable battery, a touch screen and a new sleek design.

Play games, read e-books, see videos and play music files. Let the GP2X Wiz be your all-round multimedia parter for all situations.

‘Course my only problem is that I work at home, and when I go anywhere I’m driving and when I get there it’s usually with family so I’ll either have a better computer nearby, or won’t have an opportunity to play it. Might suit my son Adam as a portable gaming platform?