I joined Dvotee and TheFingersHurt on Xb…

I joined Dvotee and TheFingersHurt on Xbox tonight for Bad Company 2 Vietnam but unfortunately TheFingersHurt got kicked off by his lousy Internet connection after about 5 minutes of play. After that it was Dvotee and myself for a while, and every single game we joined was a losing one! […]


I joined a private match organised by Ni…

I joined a private match organised by Nick and others last night. Boy, were they tough games! Nick was a busy bee doing admin work but I have no excuse. I was simply outplayed by Cards and everyone else. Even Conor, who normally does quite well felt the pressure and […]


The Hill 137 Boat Trick

If your boat loses its outside shell you can do some crazy things with it. Anyone have this happen to them? I’m not sure how to blow up the skin, but I have a vague memory of someone doing that on Atacama Desert with a vehicle there. Charges had to […]


Hill 137: Get into the tunnel!

How to get into the tunnel if you’re coming from the NVA side. That might explain how in my very first game there were a few enemy at the mouth of this cave. I lobbed a grenade in and got a hit marker but I didn’t know the terrain at […]


Rockin’ in Vietnam

BfBC2 Vietnam finally came out on PS3 last night and it was my first evening of dedicated Vietnam gameplay. I started on PC with Tye Webb, messing around on Heavy Metal. We started on the same team on an empty server and tried to land our heli on one of […]


I wish I hadn’t played Bad Company 2 Vi…

I wish I hadn’t played Bad Company 2 Vietnam on PC first. I had a very quick 5 minute game with TheFingersHurt on Phu Bai (say that in Cork and they’ll think you’re a local commenting on a nasty smell.. “The smell of that pooh, bai. It’s terrible!”) Anyway, I […]


Observations by a console player on the …

Observations by a console player on the PC version of Bad Company 2: Vietnam looks gorgeous. It’s a very different game, maps are so varied. Can’t wait to play them with my console friends. Voice chat? What’s that. The in-game chat is so broken people use external servers. Useless when […]

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