I joined Dvotee and TheFingersHurt on Xb…

I joined Dvotee and TheFingersHurt on Xbox tonight for Bad Company 2 Vietnam but unfortunately TheFingersHurt got kicked off by his lousy Internet connection after about 5 minutes of play.

After that it was Dvotee and myself for a while, and every single game we joined was a losing one! They were games of conquest and our team would almost always be down to it’s last legs:

Starting Tickets Ending Tickets
18-101 0-48
69-157 0-56

So we helped turn the tide but not fast enough and we were out manned a number of times and never had a full game.

Our final game was rush and we were 8 against 10 with 5 members of the SNV clan on the other side. I was defending one crate when I was literally bombarded with bullets and grenades. It’s recorded, hopefully it’ll make a good and hectic clip!
Thanks Coyno for joining us for that game. Sorry we lost!

Finally, after reading this I decided to try marksmen LMG training and the same perk on the engineer’s kit and I think it helped. The “infinite ammo” of LMGs helped too! 🙂

I joined a private match organised by Ni…

I joined a private match organised by Nick and others last night. Boy, were they tough games! Nick was a busy bee doing admin work but I have no excuse. I was simply outplayed by Cards and everyone else. Even Conor, who normally does quite well felt the pressure and we departed our last game, me with a KDR of 0-9. Ouch. I appreciate the invite, but I probably shouldn’t have joined!

Still, got some good clips, hope to have them uploaded in the next few days.

The Hill 137 Boat Trick

If your boat loses its outside shell you can do some crazy things with it. Anyone have this happen to them?

I’m not sure how to blow up the skin, but I have a vague memory of someone doing that on Atacama Desert with a vehicle there. Charges had to be placed in specific places to blow up the outer shell.

Hill 137: Get into the tunnel!

How to get into the tunnel if you’re coming from the NVA side. That might explain how in my very first game there were a few enemy at the mouth of this cave. I lobbed a grenade in and got a hit marker but I didn’t know the terrain at the time so I got killed eventually. (via)

Rockin’ in Vietnam

BfBC2 Vietnam finally came out on PS3 last night and it was my first evening of dedicated Vietnam gameplay.

I started on PC with Tye Webb, messing around on Heavy Metal. We started on the same team on an empty server and tried to land our heli on one of the windmalls dotted around that map. After the first few failed attempts we were separated into different teams but we still kept trying and could chat over Steam chat. I did manage to land the UAV and both of us almost managed to land helicopters on them. Good practice for flying though. After a few minutes others joined our game and as I was watching Tye, I saw a tank on my team fire on him! After that he switched teams and we rocked the game and won. 🙂
Must have been in there with some noobs because they were useless at flying (says he!), hovering near my tank and just waiting for me to kill them with a tank shell. Never did that on console …

Later on I joined Paul and Gavin and had a great time on Xbox. We rocked there too and I discovered that it is possible to survive flame throwers if you’re sitting on top of a medic pack. Nick won’t be happy to hear I ran medic most of last night but medic packs strewn around the area saved me and my team mates more than once!

After about an hour I hopped onto the PS3. Unfortunately there were problems. Everyone lost their rank and specialisations although we did have our weapons I think. Still, it evened the playing field for all and we had some great games. I joined bigpresh but Mike joined our game on the other side and sent me an invite and I swapped teams. Thankfully bigpresh swapped teams later! 🙂

Damn but there are some bad choke points in the Vietnam expansion! On Vantage Point if you have Charlie in a game of Conquest and can’t break the enemy at Bravo it’s really hard to flank. Thankfully my team mates did just that near the end of the game but it wasn’t enough unfortunately. On Cao Son Temple playing rush there are a few choke points too. One or two defenders kept us at bay for several minutes until we broke through to their base. Hell of a fight.

Good games everyone!

I wish I hadn’t played Bad Company 2 Vi…

I wish I hadn’t played Bad Company 2 Vietnam on PC first.

I had a very quick 5 minute game with TheFingersHurt on Phu Bai (say that in Cork and they’ll think you’re a local commenting on a nasty smell.. “The smell of that pooh, bai. It’s terrible!”)
Anyway, I got slaughtered as we joined a game of Conquest where we got overrun 110-0.

Still, back on topic. Over the weekend I played Bad Company 2 for the first time on PC and struggled with it but admired the gorgeous graphics. I didn’t think they were that much different to that on the consoles but now having played Vietnam on Xbox I’ve changed my mind. Maybe it was because I was so used to the graphics I didn’t notice, but since Vietnam is all new I certainly did on those maps. Now I know what PC owners say when they say games recorded from consoles look muddy.

Golly. I need to lie down.

Observations by a console player on the …

Observations by a console player on the PC version of Bad Company 2:

  1. Vietnam looks gorgeous. It’s a very different game, maps are so varied. Can’t wait to play them with my console friends.
  2. Voice chat? What’s that. The in-game chat is so broken people use external servers. Useless when playing with randoms.
  3. Guess what? Playing with a team of wookies is just as much fun (not) as it is on consoles.
  4. There’s no skill matching like there is on consoles. Getting into a server where you’re matched up evenly is pot luck. There is some sort of mechanism to even out the teams but you can still have skilled and noob players on each team.
  5. Learning to use the mouse and keyboard instead of a controller is like going from QWERTY to Dvorak. Yes, it’s that painful. At this stage using a controller is second nature and instinctive (except for grenades/melee!) but it will obviously take a while to get there with PC controls again. It’s been over a decade since I used these controls on a regular basis.