I joined Dvotee and TheFingersHurt on Xb…

I joined Dvotee and TheFingersHurt on Xbox tonight for Bad Company 2 Vietnam but unfortunately TheFingersHurt got kicked off by his lousy Internet connection after about 5 minutes of play.

After that it was Dvotee and myself for a while, and every single game we joined was a losing one! They were games of conquest and our team would almost always be down to it’s last legs:

Starting Tickets Ending Tickets
18-101 0-48
69-157 0-56

So we helped turn the tide but not fast enough and we were out manned a number of times and never had a full game.

Our final game was rush and we were 8 against 10 with 5 members of the SNV clan on the other side. I was defending one crate when I was literally bombarded with bullets and grenades. It’s recorded, hopefully it’ll make a good and hectic clip!
Thanks Coyno for joining us for that game. Sorry we lost!

Finally, after reading this I decided to try marksmen LMG training and the same perk on the engineer’s kit and I think it helped. The “infinite ammo” of LMGs helped too! 🙂

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Well we gave it a good try, I actually played a game on Oasis after you left, as recon, shotgun motion mines and did really well. I quite like that set up and got it from Gavin’s video but I forgot to press capture again – I’m so annoyed again as there were a couple of scenes which would have been great, especially one where I lay a mine, see 3 guys behind a bldg, so throw a grenade, all 3 come running out and I get em all.

Such a shame and so annoyed with myself ;(

I’ve now had two games go 0-1 in Conquest where I both won and lost. Both times landed into a game down ~70-90 tickets. It’s always fun to turn around a game. There’s always another fresh game afterwards so taking a loss isn’t too bad.

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