I wish I hadn’t played Bad Company 2 Vi…

I wish I hadn’t played Bad Company 2 Vietnam on PC first.

I had a very quick 5 minute game with TheFingersHurt on Phu Bai (say that in Cork and they’ll think you’re a local commenting on a nasty smell.. “The smell of that pooh, bai. It’s terrible!”)
Anyway, I got slaughtered as we joined a game of Conquest where we got overrun 110-0.

Still, back on topic. Over the weekend I played Bad Company 2 for the first time on PC and struggled with it but admired the gorgeous graphics. I didn’t think they were that much different to that on the consoles but now having played Vietnam on Xbox I’ve changed my mind. Maybe it was because I was so used to the graphics I didn’t notice, but since Vietnam is all new I certainly did on those maps. Now I know what PC owners say when they say games recorded from consoles look muddy.

Golly. I need to lie down.

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